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10 myths and truths about losing weight

There are many weight loss diets that are sold as the definitive formula for weight loss, but most people end up disappointed with the results.

The great weight loss formula does not yet exist, and the best solution is to have a personalized diet made by a nutritionist, in addition to practicing physical activity regularly.

10 myths and truths about losing weight

Here are the main myths and truth about weight loss diets.

1. Eating at night is fattening

IT DEPENDS. Maintaining a balanced diet at night, with few sugars and fats, does not make you fat. The important thing is to keep the pace and consume small portions as throughout the day, always remembering to consume greens and vegetables at dinner.

However, by exaggerating the amount of food or consuming unhealthy products, such as sodas and fried foods, because when you go to sleep right away, all the bad calories will be accumulated. Know what to eat before bed .

2. Working out in warm sweats burns more calories

MYTH. Working out to sweat a lot doesn’t help you lose weight, it just makes you lose more water through sweat.

At the end of training, the body will need to be rehydrated, and everything that has been lost is taken up again quickly.

3. I have to change everything for diet and light

MYTH. To lose weight, it is not necessary to change everything for diet or light, as these products are used in specific cases, preferably with the guidance of the nutritionist.

Often, when consuming these products, the tendency is to think that you can eat in greater quantities, which does not pay off in a diet and makes you gain weight without noticing. See more at: Understand why eating Light and Diet foods does not always lose weight .

4. I must control myself until the weekend

Truth. Control over food should be maintained even at the weekend, as keeping the line during the week and having free meals on days off will make the metabolism more confusing, and all lost calories will be replaced.

Remember that your body doesn’t stop and doesn’t know what day of the week it is, so try to keep healthy habits to the fullest every day, which doesn’t mean that sometimes you can’t eat something with more sugar or fat. The important thing is balance.

5. Going without eating makes you thin

MYTH. Going without eating for a long time or skipping meals confuses the body and slows down the metabolism, making it harder to lose weight.

This is because by receiving fewer calories, the body starts to save more, too, and causes fewer extra calories to be saved as extra weight.

6. There is no medicine that slims

TRUTH. After all, if there were any remedies that really made it easy to lose weight, it would be widely sold.

The drugs used to lose weight should always be prescribed by the doctor, as they have many contraindications and side effects, and are only effective when combined with a balanced diet and regular physical activity.

7. Taking fluids with fattening meals

IT DEPENDS. If the liquids are soft drinks, alcoholic drinks, artificial juices or even natural juices with sugar, they do help to put on weight. But if the drink is water or a small glass of natural fruit juice, it can be consumed without problems.

The main disadvantages of drinking liquids with meals are to hinder digestion and encourage the consumption of more food, as having something to drink makes you chew less, and the feeling of satiety takes longer to arrive.

So, if you consume only water or natural juice in small amounts and you have no reflux problems or poor digestion, drinking fluids during meals will not be a problem.

8. Bariatric surgery is the definitive solution

MYTH. Many patients who underwent bariatric surgery end up gaining weight again 1 or 2 years after the surgery, as they were unable to build healthy eating habits and physical activity.

Surgery is a painful and difficult process, in which the size of the stomach is greatly reduced to avoid excessive consumption of food. However, as time goes by, he increases in capacity again, and continuing to eat poorly makes his weight and illness return again. See all the types, advantages and risks of this surgery .

9. Always on a diet doesn’t work

TRUTH. But only if the diets are not well planned, as doing any fad diet can change the metabolism for the worse and bring no benefit.

In addition, it is difficult to stick to difficult diets that were not designed with your routine in mind, which is why the results of personalized diets are always the best.

10. To diet I have to cut carbohydrates

MYTH. A balanced and well-planned diet includes all nutrients, and carbohydrate is the main source of energy for the body, being important for maintaining balanced blood glucose and cell health.

Cutting carbohydrates from the menu can be useful only in specific cases, but always for a short period of time and according to the nutritionist’s guidance. See an example of this diet here .

In addition, it is also important to always sleep well, as it is during sleep that the hormones that regulate body metabolism are produced, favoring weight loss.

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