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3 exercises to end the breeches

These 3 exercises to end the breeches, which is the accumulation of fat in the hips, on the side of the thighs, help to tone the muscles of this region, fighting to sag, and reducing fat in this area.

In addition, these exercises to combat the breeches allow you to work on other muscle groups, such as the legs, abdominal and butt, helping to have a more defined and worked out body.

3 exercises to end the breeches

Other exercises to do away with the thigh breeches or the lateral breaches are the step and the bicycle, as they help to lose the fats of the hip and thigh region. Both the step and the bicycle should be done, preferably, before these 3 localized exercises:

Exercise 1

Sitting on the abductor force your legs to open the device. Repeat this exercise 8 times, rest a few seconds, and do 2 more sets.

Exercise 2

Lying on your side, support your head with one hand and raise one leg as shown in the image. Repeat this exercise 10 times with each leg, rest for a few seconds and do 2 more sets. To make the exercise more effective, you can put a shin pad on each leg, starting with 1 kg and increasing over time.

Exercise 3

Lie on your side, support one elbow on the floor and raise the entire trunk as shown in the image above and keep your body well stretched and firm for 3 seconds in the air and then descend. Repeat this exercise 15 times, rest a few seconds and do 2 more sets. 

Treatments to combat the breech

Some examples of aesthetic treatments that can help eliminate excess fat on the side of the thigh are ultrasound, carboxytherapy, radiofrequency, lipo cavitation, and ultimately, plastic surgery, such as liposuction, can be resorted to. Read more at:  4 Treatments to lose your breeches. 

See more examples of aesthetic treatments to lose fat that can be used in the fight against the breech in:  Treatments to lose belly .

Food to fight the breeches

In addition to these exercises to end the breeches, which must be done 3 times a week, it is important to avoid the consumption of sweets, fried foods, and industrialized products and to drink about 2 liters of water per day. 

See how to eat to improve results in: What to eat in training to gain muscle and lose weight .

Here are other exercises that may be useful:

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