3 exercises to narrow your waist at home

Waist-tightening exercises also help to tone the abdominal muscles, making the belly firmer, in addition to helping improve spine support, promoting posture improvement and avoiding back pain that may be caused by being an overweight and abdominal weakness.

For these exercises to take effect, it is important that exercises are also carried out to help speed up the metabolism, such as brisk walking, running, cycling, and it is also important to perform strength exercises and have a healthy and adequate diet.

3 exercises to narrow your waist at home

3 waist-tightening exercises that can be done at home are:

1. Lateral abdominal

The person should lie on their backs, bend their knees and lay their feet flat on the floor. Then, without straining the neck, slightly raise the torso, contract the abdomen and stretch the arms in front of the body, trying to touch the right hand to the right foot and then the left hand to the left leg, one at a time. It is recommended to do 3 sets of 20 repetitions or according to the guidance of the physical education professional.

2. Cross abdominal

To do this exercise, the person must lie on their backs, bend their legs, and cross one leg over the other. Then, move the opposite elbow towards the bent leg, performing 3 sets of 20 repetitions or according to the instructor’s recommendation.

To increase the intensity of this exercise, the legs can be suspended in the air, at about 90º, and both sides can be worked at the same time as if the person were riding a bicycle.

3. Abdominal on the ball

This type of abdominal is done using a pilates ball. For this, the person must leave on the ball, supporting the bottom of the back, and then perform the abdominal movement, always performing the contraction of the abdominal muscle.

General recommendations

The exercises for thinning the waist can be done daily and the intensity should be increased each week. A trainer may recommend a full range of exercises to improve performance, but in addition to exercise, it is important not to eat foods with fat and sugar, or to consume alcoholic beverages. Check out more tips to narrow the waist.

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