3 homemade tips to treat stuck intestines

These 3 tips to treat the stuck intestine are a natural solution, very simple and efficient, involving only the ingestion of tea, juice and an abdominal massage, dispensing with the use of laxatives that can addiction to the intestine and alter the normal intestinal flora, which can cause deficiencies nutritional

With these natural techniques, it is possible to stimulate bowel movement and improve the consistency of the stool, facilitating its exit.

3 homemade tips to treat stuck intestines

1. Drink warm tea upon waking

The tea should be soft, like chamomile or lavender, and not laxative, like the sacred cascara. The intestinal stimulating effect, in this case, is made by the temperature of the tea and the regularity of the stimulus, so it is important to repeat the same “ritual” daily.

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2. Do a belly massage

With your hand closed, you should use the “knot” of your fingers to massage the belly region, moderately pressing the muscles in this region.

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The massage should be started by placing the closed hand under the ribs on the right side and following the directions of the massage, as shown by the arrows in the image below:

It is important to respect the start and end locations, as the intention is to massage the final part of the intestine. This massage must be performed for at least 5 minutes and can be done lying down or sitting.

3. Take orange juice and papaya

Another excellent all-natural option to stimulate bowel function is to drink a juice with 2 oranges and 1/2 small papaya. The ideal is to have a fixed time to drink this juice, for example, at 22:00. Here are some other juice options for constipation .

How to relieve the stuck intestine in pregnancy

These techniques can be used for those who have intestines stuck in pregnancy because they do not need to use medications, except for abdominal massage, which can be replaced by walking or water aerobics, and must be repeated, initially, for 3 days in a row at identical times, and then, 3 times a week, so that the stuck or lazy bowel regulates your movements.

How to relieve the intestine stuck in the baby

The intestine trapped in the baby is determined when its feces are dry and hard, when the baby does not evacuate easily or when it takes more than 3 days to evacuate. In such cases, it should be treated under the advice of the pediatrician, although tea and abdominal massage may be used initially.

Babies under 1 year of age, as a rule, may not be able to eat all fruits in their skin or raw. However, the technique of massage and warm tea can be used.

In addition to the 3 homemade tips to treat the stuck intestine, it is important to always bear in mind that:

  • Even if you are on a diet, be sure to eat meals and respect your schedules even if you have a smaller volume of food. This is extremely important for maintaining the intestinal reflex and stimulus.
  • Drinking water during the day, outside of mealtimes, helps to make the fecal cake more moldable and this is essential for those who have a trapped intestine or hemorrhoids.
  • Eat at least 4 fruits a day and, preferably, with peel, such as apple, pear, peach, or plum. This helps the lazy gut to function better and regularize.

This technique, which dispenses with the ingestion of medication, should be repeated, at first, for 3 consecutive days at identical times, and then 3 times a week so that the stuck or lazy bowel regulates its movements.

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