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3 recipes to lose belly

These 3 recipes, in addition to being super simple to make, help you lose belly because they have functional foods with thermogenic properties that facilitate weight loss and fat burning and should be included in a weight loss program, with a balanced diet of few calories and regular practice. of physical activity, like dancing or walking every day, for at least 30 minutes.

3 recipes to lose belly

1. Cranberry smoothie with low fat yogurt

Red cranberries contain pterostilbene, a substance that helps to reduce body fat, and calcium in yogurt prevents fat from accumulating in fat cells.

How to do it: Beat 1 low-fat yogurt and 1 cup of cranberries in a blender.

When to take: This combination is excellent for an afternoon snack or when accompanied by granola for a complete and nutritious breakfast.

2. Coffee with cinnamon

Two cups of cinnamon coffee a day contribute to weight loss by having caffeine and chlorogenic acid, which help to speed up metabolism and burn fat. In addition, cinnamon when added to coffee increases the fat burning of this drink.

How to do it: Add a teaspoon of cinnamon to a cup of coffee, without sugar.

When to take: Drink up to two cups of cinnamon coffee a day before 5 pm, so that caffeine does not cause insomnia at night.

3. Apple juice with ginger

Ursolic acid in apple peel helps to burn calories and when taken with ginger it can increase metabolism by about 20% which facilitates fat burning.

How to do it: Put an apple with peel and 5 g of ginger in a blender and beat well.

When to take: This juice can be drunk on an empty stomach or before meals because the apple has fibers that will help to decrease appetite and eat less at mealtime.

3 of the best homemade recipes for losing belly are cranberry smoothie with low fat yogurt, coffee with cinnamon and apple juice with ginger

Despite great suggestions to include in the slimming diet menu, recipes with thermogenic foods such as coffee or ginger should be ingested in the first half of the day so as not to impair the quality of the sound.

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