3 steps to healthy weight loss

The three steps to healthy weight loss boil down to very practical advice for losing weight and gaining health.

  1. Be determined – Losing weight under external pressure doesn’t work very well. It is important that the decision is personal, but count on the help and support of friends and family.
  2. Make lifestyle change a priority – Changing habits requires effort, availability, and time.
  3. Make a plan – Goals must be realistic and gradual. Very high goals may not be achieved and, thus, generate insecurity and frustration.
3 steps to healthy weight loss

The desire to lose weight can lead to inappropriate or exaggerated behaviors, but remember that fast diets are unbalanced and can cause nutritional deficiencies, fasting or skipping meals more easily leads to overeating and it is important to know that fat-free foods are not foods no calories, so read the food labels carefully.

Changing behavior and eating habits are essential conditions and must be realistic decisions that lead to effective results.

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