3 tricks to enrich the food with iron

3 great tricks to enrich foods with iron, to help treat anemia, are:

  1. Cooking food in an iron pan;
  2. Have a glass of orange or lemon juice whenever you consume foods rich in iron from a vegetable source; 
  3. Make fruit juices with vegetables such as pineapple juice with parsley.

These measures are simple and can help cure iron deficiency anemia more easily.

How to improve iron absorption

A very valuable tip for improving iron absorption is never to mix milk or milk products with foods rich in iron, because the calcium in these foods decreases the absorption of iron.

When adopting a diet rich in iron, it should be followed for at least 3 months, to observe signs of recovery. At the end of this period, the blood test must be repeated.

Iron-rich foods

Foods rich in iron may be of animal or vegetable origin, but they have a variable amount of iron and only a small percentage is actually absorbed by the body. So it is important to know how to increase absorption.

The most iron-rich plant foods tend to be the darkest, such as beets, spinach, or watercress. But, their iron is only absorbed by the body in the presence of Vitamin C. Therefore, the trick to enrich iron foods is to add a fresh fruit to the salad, such as pineapple, for example, or to accompany the salad or a soup of vegetables with a glass of orange juice.

The iron present in meat is naturally absorbed, without the need for vitamin C or other food, and is more concentrated in the kids, such as the liver. However, increasing the amount of meat in the diet too much can also increase your cholesterol amount, so the trick is to use an iron pan for cooking, especially some foods low in iron, like rice or pasta.

These tips are especially important for vegetarians.

Consequences of lack of iron in the diet

The lack of iron in the blood can cause anemia, which causes the person to become very tired and drowsy, in addition to, in the most advanced cases, producing muscle pain in the body.

A very important fact to take into account is that, sometimes, the difficulty in absorbing iron may be due to the lack of Vitamin B12, known as pernicious anemia, and not due to the correct supply of iron. In these cases, it is important to correct this deficiency before increasing the supply of iron in the diet.

When to take iron supplement

The use of medicated iron supplements is an alternative widely used by doctors in cases of anemia, but it must be accompanied by dietary reeducation, so that anemia does not reoccur.

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