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4 simple positions to breastfeed twins at the same time

The four simplest positions for breastfeeding twins at the same time, in addition to stimulating milk production, save the mother time because babies start to breastfeed at the same time and, consequently, sleep at the same times, as they digest milk, they are sated and sleepy at the same time.

The four simple positions that help the mother to breastfeed the twins at the same time are:

Position 1

Sitting, with a breastfeeding pillow or two pillows on her lap, place a baby under one arm, with the legs facing the mother’s back and the other baby under the other arm, also with the legs facing the mother’s back, supporting the babies’ heads with their hands, as shown in image 1.

Position 2

Sitting, with a breastfeeding pillow or two pillows on your lap, place the two babies facing the mother and slightly tilt the babies ‘body to the same side, but taking care to keep the babies’ heads at the level of the nipples, as shows image 2.

Position 3

Lying on your back and with your head resting on a pillow, place a breastfeeding pillow or a pillow on your back, so that it is slightly tilted. Then, place one of the babies lying on the bed facing the mother’s breast and the other baby on the mother’s body, facing the other breast, as shown in image 3.

Position 4

Seated, with a breastfeeding pillow or two pillows on your lap, place a baby facing one breast and with the body facing one side and the other baby facing the other breast, with the body facing the other side, as shown in picture 4.

Although these positions for breastfeeding the twins are effective, it is important that the handle or the way the babies adapt and take the breast is the correct one.

To find out what the correct baby grip should be, see: How to breastfeed successfully.

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