4 tips to avoid an encrustation

The best way to prevent the development of ingrown nails is to cut the nails in a straight line, as this prevents the corners from growing into the skin. However, if the nails continue to get stuck while growing, it is advisable to consult a podiatrist to assess each case and find out if there is a more suitable way to cut the nails.

While waiting for a consultation with the podiatrist, you can also try other very simple and practical tips that can solve the problem:

1. Don’t cut your nails too short

The ideal is to leave the nail with the necessary length to cover the fingertip. This way, the pressure of the shoe on the foot is prevented from pushing the nail downwards, causing it to grow under the skin;

2. Wear comfortable shoes

When wearing very tight shoes, the pressure on the toes is greater and, therefore, there is a greater risk of the nail developing under the skin. This tip is especially important for those who have diabetes, since they may not feel the nail developing under the skin;

3. Check your feet every day

During or after the bath, don’t forget to watch your toes, looking for nails that may be jamming. Usually the ingrown nail is more easily treated at the beginning and, thus, it is possible to avoid wounds and severe pain;

4. Walk barefoot

There is no better way to relieve pressure on your toes than walking barefoot. Thus, it is possible to let the nail grow naturally, preventing it from developing under the skin.

By following these tips it is possible to decrease the probability of having ingrown nails and keep your nails and feet always healthy. These are simple but fundamental tips for the comfort of your feet.

If you already have an ingrown fever see how you can treat the problem and relieve the pain.

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