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4 tips to end lice

Getting rid of lice is not always easy, especially in school children who transmit the parasite more easily even after treatment. However, there are some tips that can help make treatment more effective and prevent reinfestation.

1. Apply treatment shampoo

Shampoo or treatment spray is a great option and the most effective way to get rid of lice and nits. There are several brands available such as Paranix, Sanasar or Pedider, for example, which can be found in pharmacies.

These products must be applied to all hair, from the root to the ends, as indicated on the product label. See other products indicated and how they can be used .

2. Use a comb frequently

The use of a fine comb is very important to make the treatment correctly, since it can be used to spread the shampoo better, and also to eliminate lice and check for reinfestation. For school-age children, even after treatment, it is very important to check the wires frequently and with the help of a suitable comb, to prevent the lice from multiplying again.

To do this, a fine comb should be run on each strand of hair, from the root of the hair to the ends, placing a white sheet or towel on the table, to more easily identify the lice. This procedure must be repeated with the head turned downwards.

In addition, electronic combs are also available for sale, which kill lice or nits in one pass.

3. Wash objects that come into contact with hair

The louse is a parasite that is transmitted through brushes, combs, hats, pillows or sheets, so it is very important to wash these objects frequently to avoid reinfestation or even the transmission of the parasite to another person.

Thus, all objects that have been in contact with the child’s hair, such as sheets, blankets, clothes, plush toys, hair clips and bows, hats, caps, rugs, pillows and the sofa cover, should be washed if possible in water with a temperature above 60º, or sealed in a plastic bag for 15 days, to asphyxiate the lice.

4. Use repellent

Even if the treatment works and kills all lice and nits, reinfestation can occur, especially in children when they return to school. Thus, the use of repellents can help prevent the louse from approaching the child’s head, since it has essential oils in its composition that release a smell that the lice do not like and therefore they do not come close.

The louse does not jump or jump, but it can pass directly from one hair to another, so one should avoid bringing the head close to the head of those who have lice. Learn more at  How to Identify a Lice Infestation . 

In addition, there are also some lice pills, such as Ivermectin, that promise to do away with lice, but they should be taken with caution and with a doctor’s prescription.

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