Tips for improving calcium absorption

To improve the absorption of calcium present in food, ensuring strong bones, it is recommended to exercise, reduce salt consumption and be exposed to the sun in the early morning. These tips should be followed especially by those who suffer from osteoporosis, osteopenia and in case of fracture, but it is also indicated for children because they are still growing and for women during menopause, because at this stage the bones tend to become weaker.

To guarantee strong bones, it is not enough to increase the consumption of calcium-rich foods. The solution is to follow the tips below:

1. Exercise regularly

Exercises such as running, bodybuilding dance classes and soccer, increase the absorption of calcium by the body because the impact on the bones allows a greater absorption of this mineral. For those who already have osteoporosis it is good to be accompanied by a physical education professional because some exercises should be avoided when the bones are already brittle.

2. Decrease in salt consumption

Salt can cause calcium to be eliminated in the urine, so when you eat less salt at meals, there is a greater absorption of calcium in food. To guarantee the flavor of the food, choose to replace the salt with aromatic herbs such as bay leaves, oregano, parsley, chives, ginger and pepper, for example.

3. Stay in the sun in the morning

Sun exposure for 20 minutes a week, without sunscreen until 10 am guarantees the increase in vitamin D in the body, an essential substance in the absorption of calcium.

4. Consuming calcium-rich foods of animal and vegetable origin

Calcium-rich foods such as milk, cheese and yogurt should be consumed daily for breakfast or snacks, but at lunch and dinner time it is also important to consume foods rich in plant-based calcium such as broccoli and caruru leaves. In addition, they should also eat foods such as fish, eggs and meat as they have vitamin D that increases calcium absorption. Here is a list of some calcium-rich foods from a variety of sources: Calcium-rich foods .

5. Combine food well

Some compounds hinder calcium absorption when they are eaten at the same meal and therefore it is not recommended to eat foods rich in iron, such as red meat, egg yolk and beets in the same meal that contains calcium. Other foods that should not be eaten at the same meal are soy milk, juice and yogurt, seeds, nuts, beans, spinach and sweet potatoes.

In addition, a diet rich in fiber prepares the intestine to absorb calcium better so a snack rich in fiber with foods like All Bran is a good tip before a meal containing sardines and broccoli, for example. See more examples of high fiber foods .

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