5 advantages of running on the treadmill

Running on the treadmill at the gym or at home is an easy and effective way to exercise because it requires little physical preparation and maintains the benefits of running, such as increased physical stamina, fat burning and development of various muscle groups, such as legs, back , abs and glutes.

Although running can be done outdoors without any equipment, running on the treadmill has other benefits, such as allowing physical activity on rainy days, for example. Here is an example of training to run 15 km on the treadmill or on the street.

Benefits of running on the treadmill

In addition to allowing running to happen regardless of rain, heat or excessive cold, running on the treadmill has other advantages, such as:

  1. Greater safety: running inside with a treadmill reduces the risk of accidents and injuries, such as putting your foot in a hole or traffic accidents, increasing safety;
  2. Running at any time of the day: you can use the treadmill at any time of the day, so it is possible to burn fat even after finishing your daily tasks. Thus, the race can be done in the morning, in the afternoon or at night regardless of the weather;
  3. Keep pace: on the treadmill it is possible to regulate a constant running speed, preventing the run from becoming too slow over time. In addition, it prevents the person from accelerating without realizing it, which could make him feel tired more quickly;
  4. Adjusting the type of tread: the treadmill, in addition to regulating the speed, also makes it difficult to run through changes in the inclination of the treadmill, making it possible to run on steeper ground, as if you were running on a mountain;
  5. Controlling the heart rate: the treadmills usually have devices that help to measure the heart rate through the contact of the hands with the safety bar, for example, and thus it is more possible to avoid heart problems, such as tachycardia, in addition to checking the maximum heart rate reached during the exercise.

In addition, running on the treadmill for 30 minutes, 3 to 4 times a week, improves sleep habits, increases energy levels and prevents cardiovascular problems, such as high blood pressure or heart attack, as it is able to promote lower levels of blood cholesterol and blood pressure. Learn about other health benefits of running.

During the running on the treadmill it is possible to work the legs muscles of proportional strength, in addition to being able to vary the type of training, preventing it from becoming monotonous, by changing the inclination and speed. Thus, it is possible to do a workout that promotes the acceleration of metabolism, such as HIIT, for example, which is a high intensity exercise in which the person runs for 30 seconds to 1 minute, at full speed, and then rests the same passive time interval, that is, stopped, or walking.

Running on the treadmill is interesting for those people who are afraid of running on the street due to cars, holes, or the number of people and who do not have much balance,

Tips for running on the treadmill

To run on the treadmill without getting hurt or giving up, due to muscle pain or injury, some simple tips include:

  • Start with a 10-minute warm-up, stretching your arms and legs;
  • Start running at a lower speed, increasing every 10 minutes, for example;
  • Place the torso straight and keep the look forward;
  • Do not hold the safety sidebar;
  • Avoid tilting the mat excessively, especially in the first few days.

Running on the treadmill is an easy activity and, normally, without danger, however, it is recommended to use the device under the guidance of a physical education teacher or physiotherapist, avoiding aggravating health problems, such as arthritis or cardiac overload.

In addition, when the person is overweight, he/she should take special care, such as calculating the heart rate or strengthening the muscles, for example, to prevent heart complications or joint wear. Check out some tips to start running when you are overweight.

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