5 Makeup Mistakes That End Your Natural Beauty

Applying too much foundation, waterproof mascara or using metallic eyeshadows and dark lipsticks are common makeup mistakes that end up doing the opposite effect, aging and highlighting the wrinkles and expression lines of older women.

Makeup is one of the best allies for women, but when used incorrectly it can also be one of your worst enemies, so to achieve a young and perfect makeup you should avoid the following mistakes:

1. Use excess base

The excess of base will make the small wrinkles and expression lines of the face stand out, since the excesses will accumulate in these small areas, highlighting them. The solution to this problem is to apply a small amount of fluid, non-creamy foundation, and if you have difficulty rubbing the foundation with your fingers you can choose to use a small sponge or brush.

In addition, using the right base tone and applying a Primer on the face after the moisturizer, are also important tips that help to disguise lines and imperfections better.

2. Apply waterproof mascara

The constant use of waterproof mascara weakens the lashes, as it ends up causing them to break or fall more frequently, which will give an older and less expressive appearance to the eyes. To avoid this problem you should always use a good mascara that is not waterproof, just use the waterproof mascara on the lower lashes, as it prevents it from smudging easily.

In addition, if you have weak and brittle eyelashes, another excellent option is to regularly use fortifying mascara such as the Ecrinal black Fortifying Mascara or the same brand Eyelash and Eyebrow Fortifying Mascara.

3. Abuse of Metallic Shadows

The metallic shadows, although beautiful, are shadows that when applied are installed in the folds of the eyes, enhancing the folds and the flaccidity of the eyes due to their excessive brightness. To prevent this from happening, choose to use opaque eyeshadows, you can choose to start eye makeup with an opaque eyeshadow as a base and finish using a small amount of metallic eyeshadow to give a little highlight.

In addition, another excellent option to help disguise the folds and imperfections is to use a Primer on your eyes, which must be applied before the foundation and shadows.

4. Use very dark or red lipsticks

A beautiful burgundy, purple, chocolate or red lipstick may seem to be excellent color options for the lips, but these should be avoided by older women, as the lips tend to thin with age and the use of these types of colors increases the impression of smaller lips. The solution to this problem is to use light shades, like light oranges, roses or even pastel colors like beige, which will give a more fleshy look to your lips.

In addition, drawing your lip line using a similarly colored lip contour pencil is another excellent option, which helps to create a better look for full lips.

5. Use dark pencil on the lower eyelids

From a certain age onwards, you should avoid using very dark pencils such as black or brown on the lower eyelids, as this will make your eyes appear smaller, highlighting crow’s feet and dark circles. Instead, choose to eyeliner or dark pencil the upper eyelid of your eyes well and apply just a thin layer of mascara on the lower lashes to highlight it slightly.

These are very common mistakes that can be easily avoided, thus preventing makeup from giving your skin a heavy and more aged appearance. In addition, another excellent tip to avoid looking older is not to use very thin eyebrows, as they end up leaving the face with a tired appearance, being the best option to always leave the most natural shape possible.

If you would like to do perfect and flawless makeup, but don’t know where to start, try consulting our Step-by-Step Makeup Guide with 7 step-by-step tips that explain how to do your makeup.

In addition, daily face care, such as applying a tonic, a daily cream or making a moisturizing mask or exfoliating the skin regularly, are also cares that help keep your skin youthful, leaving it hydrated, silky and protected. 

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