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5 reasons to include kiwi in the diet

Kiwi, a fruit found more easily between May and September, in addition to having a lot of fiber, which helps to regulate the trapped intestine, is also a fruit with detoxifying and anti-inflammatory properties, being excellent for those who need to lower cholesterol. 

In addition, kiwi can be used to lose weight in any weight loss diet because it has only 46 calories in each average kiwi and the fibers can also help to decrease appetite and eat less.

Benefits of kiwi

The 5 main benefits of kiwi can be:

  1. Fight cardiovascular disease – it has vitamin C and omega 3 that facilitate blood circulation.
  2. Improve skin firmness – because vitamin C helps in the formation of collagen keeping the skin firm and beautiful.
  3. Detoxify the body – facilitates blood circulation and expulsion of toxins.
  4. Fighting constipation – rich in fiber helps to regulate the intestine and eliminate feces.
  5. Help fight inflammation – because kiwi seeds have omega 3s that help reduce inflammation.

In addition to these benefits kiwi also helps to prevent diseases such as cancer because it is rich in antioxidants.

Nutritional information of kiwi

ComponentsQuantity in 1 medium kiwi
Energy46 calories
Protein0,85 g
Fats0,39 g
Omega 331,75 mg
Carbohydrates11,06 g
Fibers2,26 g
C vitamin69,9 mg
Vitamin E1,10 mg
Potassium235 mg
Copper0,1 mcg
Calcium22,66 mg
Zinc25,64 mg

In addition to having all these nutrients, the kiwi can be used in various ways in salads, with granola and even in marinades to make meat more tender.

Recipe with kiwi

Kiwi can be used in several recipes, but it is widely used to make juices because it is a citrus fruit that combines very well with various fruits.

Kiwi juice with mint


  • 1 manga
  • 4 kiwis
  • 250 ml of pineapple juice
  • 4 fresh mint leaves

Preparation mode

Peel and break the mango and kiwis. Add pineapple juice and mint leaves and mix everything in a blender.

This amount is for 2 glasses of juice, you can drink one glass for breakfast and store the other glass in the fridge to drink as a snack, for example.

See another kiwi juice at: Kiwi detoxifying juice .

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