5 tips for not getting fat on Easter

These tips for not getting fat on Easter also serve for any other time of the year, as they are strategies for hunger not to appear and to control the desire to eat sweets.

1. Start the day with a hearty breakfast

Starting the day with a good glass of milk, bread with cheese and fruit makes the hours that follow more relaxed and hunger takes time to bother you. In some cases, a soft-boiled egg and a spoon of honey also complete this meal, increasing the caloric but also nutritional value of the meal. This is a very good strategy for people who don’t like to have dinner or who don’t want to eat too much at night so as not to get fat.

2. Eat chocolate only in the morning

It is true that during Easter we give ourselves permission to eat chocolate, but a tip for it to be less harmful is to eat chocolate only in the morning, when the desire to eat sweets is not yet great, making it easier to follow a healthy diet during the rest of the day.

3. Eat more raw foods

Raw foods are rich in fiber, nutrients that give satiety and decrease the absorption of fat in the intestine. For this reason, having a diet where you eat a shelled fruit for breakfast, raw vegetable salad for lunch, 2 nuts for lunch and a fruit salad as a dinner dessert greatly increases the amount of dietary fiber for the day, which improves intestinal transit and helps to decrease the sensation of hunger, making the weight remain stable even with the consumption of chocolate.

4. Never skip meals

Going without eating for many hours causes the body’s metabolism to decrease and the desire to eat sweets increases, especially at night, a period of the day when it is easier to eat in larger quantities than usual.

5.Drink plenty of water before and after meals

You should drink 1 glass of water half an hour before meals, as this reduces hunger and the amount of food that is consumed. In addition, consuming at least 1.5 L of water a day helps to combat fluid retention, improves intestinal transit and moisturizes the skin, preventing wrinkles and expression marks.

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