5 tips on what to eat to lose weight

Knowing how to eat to lose weight is simple and success is usually guaranteed, this is because, more important than not eating certain fatty or very sugary foods that make you fat, is knowing what to eat to replace them and, thus, being able to lose weight.

In addition, following simple rules makes you lose weight more in the long run because it is easier to follow and it is healthier and it is difficult to put on weight again.

Therefore, the 5 simple tips that help you lose weight with health are:

  1. Eat 1 pear or other unpeeled fruit, 15 minutes before lunch and dinner. It can be substituted by a banana cooked with oats or gelatin;
  2. Eat 1 serving of whole grains as a snack with a citrus fruit, such as an orange, for example;
  3. Take 1 plate of hot soup, especially in the summer, before lunch and / or dinner;
  4. Use coconut oil to season salads;
  5. Have a plain yogurt with a teaspoon of honey before bed.

In addition to these tips, to lose weight in a healthy way it is also important to drink lots of fluids throughout the day, like tea without sugar or water, and never be without eating for more than 3 hours to increase metabolism and because the feeling of satisfaction and well- being more important in a diet to lose weight than what you should not eat.

However, it can be important to go to the nutritionist, in this way it is possible to make a menu suited to the individual needs of each one.

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