5 tips for achieving correct posture

Correct posture is important to improve quality of life and avoid back pain, spinal injuries, decrease localized fat and increase self-esteem.

In addition, correct posture prevents serious health problems, such as herniated discs, scoliosis, and breathing difficulties. Know what may be causing back pain.

The 5 tips for achieving correct body posture are:

1. Avoid working with the trunk tilted forward

Whenever you are seated, it is important to lean your back fully on the chair and keep both feet flat on the floor, without crossing your legs. It is also indicated to sit on the little bone of the butt, position the shoulders slightly back to avoid the hump and avoid bending the head to read or write. When adopting the correct posture when seated, there is a uniform distribution of pressures on the intervertebral discs and ligaments, preventing spinal wear. Here’s how to maintain good sitting posture.

2. Sleeping on your side

The best way to protect your spine is to sleep on your side using two pillows: a low pillow to support your head and another between your legs to adjust your hip height and not rotate your spine, so the spine is naturally and totally curved supported. Find out which are the best and worst sleeping positions.

3. Support the weight of the body on both feet

Supporting the weight of the body on both feet when standing is essential to avoid the wrong posture, as this way, the body weight is evenly distributed and there is no compensation with the spine, for example.

4. Avoid carrying heavy bags on your shoulder

When heavy bags are supported on one shoulder, it can lead to changes in the spine, as the weight of the bag causes an imbalance of the body, pushing the shoulder and the hip down. Therefore, it is recommended to use a backpack supported on both shoulders so that the weight is balanced and there is no damage to the spine. Learn how to avoid some habits that damage your spine.

5. Practice physical exercises

The practice of physical exercises is essential to strengthen the muscles of the back and abdomen and, thus, it will be easier to maintain proper posture. Check out some simple exercises to improve posture.

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