5 tips to improve your running performance

To improve running performance, it is important to wear light, comfortable, flexible, airy shoes that are appropriate to the type of step, which can be evaluated when buying shoes at the store. In addition, sneakers should be changed every year if they are used more than 3 times a week.

Other 5 tips to improve running performance include:

  1. Plan your workouts: the fitness coach can establish an individual plan with different resistance, strength, or speed techniques in the run according to the goals, but there are mobile apps that can help anyone who wants to start running on the street.
  2. Breathe correctly: inhale for 3 strides and exhale for 2 strides (ratio 3: 2). This allows alternating feet to be used during expiration, avoiding the risk of injury. In addition, it is important to use abdominal breathing, which uses the diaphragm, instead of chest breathing, as it allows more oxygen to be captured; 
  3. Strengthen the muscles of the legs, abdomen, and back: doing muscle-strengthening exercises allows better absorption of the impact of each step, increasing the energy for the next step and preventing injuries;
  4. Warm-up before the race: start with a walk, gradually increasing your speed. This increases the temperature and optimizes muscle work, preparing the body for running;
  5. Eat a correct diet: before training, ingest carbohydrates to provide energy to the body, during training, drink water, isotonic drinks or coconut water and after training, ingest proteins to promote muscle growth.

Another way to improve running performance is to not let any injury get worse. Even the muscle pain that arises after a workout must be combated to decrease the risk of trigger points that will cause pain and discomfort, compromising the next workout.

A great way to combat post-workout pain is to do a self massage in the most painful places. You can use your hands and even a tennis ball, but for a deeper massage, and therefore more efficient, you can use the foam roller, which is a rigid foam roller that serves to deeply massage the muscles and tendons, especially after a heavy workout. See what exactly this foam roller is and step by step on how to use it to fight the pain caused by the iliotibial band and the back.

In addition to all these tips, it is also important not to smoke because the cigarette impairs the absorption of oxygen by the alveoli, decreasing the running performance.

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