5 tips to moisturize dry hair

Moisturizing the hair helps to protect the hair from the action of the sun, the cold and the wind, giving health, shine and softness to the hair throughout the year. In addition to hydration, it is also very important to gently dry the hair with a towel and always use heat protector before using the dryer and flat iron.

Hydration is important for all types of hair, especially in the hairs that have chemistry because the performance of hair procedures can make the hairs more dry and brittle over time.

1. Apply a moisturizing cream

Using a hair moisturizing cream is also important, as it helps replenish the water that the strands lose over time and reduces dryness and the frizz effect. These creams should be used 2 to 3 times a week, according to the person’s lifestyle, that is, if she is very exposed to temperature variations, if she practices physical activity or if she has the habit of holding her hair too much, for example example.

Before applying the hydration mask, the head is washed with shampoo to eliminate the residues present and, after removing all the shampoo, apply the mask and let it act for 5 to 10 minutes according to the product used. Then, rinse the head thoroughly and use the conditioner to seal the strands, ensuring hydration and softness of the hair.

It is also important to pay attention to the amount of shampoo used during washing, because when using a large amount of shampoo the porosity of the threads can increase, leaving the threads more dry and brittle. Therefore, it is recommended that a sufficient amount of shampoo be used to eliminate residues.

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2. Use a serum

Hair serum is a liquid product that can be applied to the strands and aims to keep the hair more hydrated and more protected against the heat of the flat iron and the dirt of everyday life, for example

That’s because the serum corresponds to a concentrate of oils and vitamins capable of hydrating the strands, leaving the hair softer and shinier. There are several types of serum for all types of hair and for all habits, and can be used on dry or wet hair, before or after making the flat iron, for example.

In addition, some types of serum can enhance the effect of moisturizing masks for hair and can be applied after hydration.

3. Perform capillary cauterization

Capillary cauterization is a deep hydration technique that closes the strands’ structure in order to end frizz, reduce volume and promote smoothness, hydration and shine of the strands, using keratin and heat.

The recommendation is that capillary cauterization is done in the beauty salon and aims to promote the reconstruction and sealing of the cuticle of damaged, fragile and brittle wires. To maintain the results, it is recommended that the person repeat the procedure every 3 to 4 months. See more about capillary cauterization.

Another procedure that uses keratin to promote hydration of the hair is keratin, which does not use heat and can be performed at home. Capillary reconstruction is a simple procedure in which liquid keratin must be applied to the strands after washing and left for about 10 minutes.

Then, apply a moisturizing mask over the entire hair and let it act for another 10 minutes. After this period, you should rinse your hair well to remove excess product and apply the serum to finish. It is recommended that reconstruction is done every 15 days for people who use chemical processes in their hair.

4. Perform a capillary botox

Capillary botox is a type of intensive treatment that in addition to moisturizing the hair, also gives shine to the hair, reduces frizz and split ends, because the products used to make capillary botox are rich in proteins and vitamins that help nourish the hair. yarns and to promote their hydration.

Although it can be done at home, botox results are better when performed in the salon, however it is important to pay attention to the product that is used, as some may contain chemicals that are not authorized by ANVISA. Learn more about hair botox.

5. Make a capillary seal

Capillary sealing is a hydration technique very similar to cauterization, but in addition to leaving the strands without frizz and fully sealed, it decreases the volume, giving the strands a smoother appearance, since due to keratin the strands become more aligned and dense.

This technique consists of washing the hair with anti-residue shampoo, applying various products such as masks, keratin and vitamin ampoule, drying the hair with a hairdryer, and passing the flat iron at the end to seal the hair. Learn more about capillary sealing.

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