5 tips to end foot odor

Bromhidrosis on the feet, popularly known as foot odor, is an unpleasant odor on the feet that affects many people and is usually related to excess bacteria and sweat on the skin.

Although foot odor is not a medical problem, it can cause a lot of discomfort in everyday life, conditioning relationships with friends and family, especially when it is necessary to be barefoot.

However, foot odor can be reduced and even eliminated with some daily care, such as:

1. Dry your feet well after showering

Everyone knows that to avoid the smell of chule it is very important to wash your feet frequently, or at least once a day. However, the most important step is to ensure that your feet are dry after bathing, especially between the toes.

This is because, the humidity of the bath water, together with the heat that is formed inside the sock, favor the development and growth of bacteria on the skin, which are the main responsible for the appearance of the smell of foot odor.

2. Spread talcum powder on the foot

Talcum powder is a great natural remedy to reduce the smell of foot odor, as it reduces the production of sweat on the skin, preventing enough moisture for the bacteria that cause foot odor to arise. To do this, you must pass the talcum powder all over the foot before putting on the sock or shoe, and you can also put some powder inside the shoe.

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3. Give preference to open shoes

Another very important tip for those who suffer from the smell of intense foot odor is to avoid wearing closed shoes, giving preference to slippers or sandals, for example. This type of footwear prevents perspiration of the skin and allows the skin to breathe, decreasing the chances of the development of bacteria or fungi responsible for foot odor.

If it is not possible to always use open shoes, to work, for example, it is best to use cotton socks with the shoe closed, as they allow for greater breathing of the skin. However, as soon as you get home, it is best to take off your shoes and remove your socks, leaving your feet outdoors.

4. Walk barefoot at home

Since it is not always possible to leave the house with open shoes or sandals, indoors it is very important to walk barefoot for as long as possible, as this is a way of ensuring that the skin on your feet can breathe, preventing the development of bacteria .

On colder days, you can use cotton socks to walk around the house, because although it covers the foot, cotton is a type of fabric that lets air through. However, at bedtime, one should sleep without socks.

5. Do not use the same sock 2 days in a row

Even if the sock does not appear to be smelling bad, it should not be used more than 1 day in a row, as bacteria will develop on the sock tissue, due to the accumulation of sweat and body heat. So, when you put a sock back on for the second time in a row, you are putting the bacteria back in contact with the foot, making the smell worse.

For those who suffer from a lot of foot odor, another essential tip is to change socks in the middle of the day, for example. To do this, you can walk around with a clean sock in a bag and then change it, placing the used sock inside a plastic bag.

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