5 options to lose the breeches

To lose the breeches, aesthetic treatments like radiotherapy, lipocavitation can be done and, in some cases, liposuction can be the most effective solution. In addition, doing specific exercises for the thighs and having a healthy and balanced diet helps to reduce localized fat and to fight sagging and cellulite.

The culprit is the accumulation of fat on the side of the hip, more frequent to be observed in women, which can happen due to genetic, hormonal factors, stress, decreased metabolism and vascularization, or be the result of a diet rich in carbohydrates and fats.

To eliminate the breeches, the person can resort to aesthetic procedures or natural forms such as exercises associated with healthy eating. Thus, some options for eliminating the breeches are:

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1. Radio frequency

Radiofrequency is an aesthetic treatment used to eliminate localized fat and cellulite and, therefore, it can be a good option to eliminate the breeches and belly. In this procedure, a device is used that raises the temperature of the skin and muscle, promoting the breakdown of fat cells, in addition to stimulating the bloodstream.

To lose the breeches, it may be necessary to do between 7 to 10 sessions and the results can be observed throughout the sessions. Understand how radio frequency is made.

2. Lipocavitation

Lipocavitation is an aesthetic procedure that helps to eliminate fat through a massage with a device that acts through ultrasonic waves, damaging the fat cells, which are subsequently eliminated.

Generally, this treatment reduces up to 1 cm in the volume of the thighs, and usually it takes up to 10 sessions and perform lymphatic drainage after the treatment to be effective. Although lipocavitation is a very effective aesthetic procedure, in order for its results to be lasting, it is necessary that the person has a balanced diet and practice physical activity, so that it is possible to prevent the accumulation of fat again. Find out how lipocavitation works.

3. Liposuction

Liposuction is a plastic surgery indicated to remove localized fat, being a great option to remove the breeches, however it should be the last option, since it is an invasive treatment. Therefore, liposuction should only be considered when the person is unable to eliminate localized fat through diet, exercise or less invasive aesthetic treatments.

In this technique, the fat from the breeches is aspirated with a cannula that is introduced under the skin and the final result can be seen after about 1 month. Learn more about how liposuction is done and the results .

4. Physical activity

Although there are no exercises capable of eliminating the fat located in the breeches, it is possible to practice some that help to decrease the body quantity in general. Thus, it is recommended that exercises be done that work all the lower muscles, such as thighs, hind legs and buttocks, in addition to exercises that work the inner and outer part of the leg.

Some exercises that can be done to lose the breech are running, squat, abductor chair and 4 supports with elevation, for example. Check out more exercises to lose your breeches.

5. Adequate food

To end the breeches it is important to pay attention to food, avoiding sugars and fried foods, since they are the main responsible for the accumulation of fat. Thus, it is recommended to have an adequate diet rich in fruits, vegetables and water, in addition to practicing physical activity regularly.

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