6 exercises to lose back fat

To lose back fat, it is important that exercises are performed that work with more emphasis on the muscles present in the upper and lower back, in addition to the abdominal muscle. However, for there to be a fat loss on the back, it is necessary to lose fat in general, it is also important to perform aerobic exercises and have healthy habits.

It is important that the exercises are done under the guidance of a physical education professional so that exercises can be indicated according to the person’s physical condition and objective. In addition, it is important that exercise is associated with a healthy and balanced diet that should be recommended by a nutritionist to be suitable for fat loss.

6 exercises to lose back fat

Some of the exercises that can be indicated to lose fat, including that of the back, are:

1. Aerobic exercise

Aerobic exercise is important in the fat loss process as it favors metabolism and, consequently, caloric expenditure. Some of the aerobic exercises that can be performed are walking, running or cycling, which can be practiced in light to moderate intensity according to the guidance of the physical education professional.

One way to speed up metabolism and stimulate fat loss is through interval training, such as HIIT, which should be performed at moderate to high intensity and consists of alternating between periods of activity and rest. Understand how interval training can be done.

2. Dorsals with arms stretched upwards

This exercise, popularly known as superman , works on the lower back, helping to strengthen the muscles of the area and abdomen and favoring the reduction of the amount of fat. To do the exercise you should lie on the floor with your stomach down and place your hands on the back of your neck or in front of your body. Then, the body must be lifted, removing the trunk and legs from the ground.

3. Surfboard

The plank is a simple exercise that mainly helps to strengthen the muscles present in the abdominal region. To do it correctly, you should lie on your stomach, stretch your arms to lift your body off the floor and then support your body weight on your forearm and feet. Contract the abdominal muscles and hold the position for 20 seconds or as instructed by the instructor.

To increase the work of the back, some variations of this exercise may be indicated, such as a side plank or leg elevation, for example.

4. Reverse fly

This exercise works the back, helping to decrease the fat in the area, and promoting greater toning and muscle definition. To do the reverse fly, the person must sit facing the machine, that is, with the chest against the seat. Then, you should stretch your arms forward and hold the bars of the equipment and, with your arms straight, open your arms until you feel the back muscles being contracted.

5. Side elevation

The lateral elevation is a widely used exercise to work the shoulder, but it also helps to work the back, being an interesting exercise for those who want to lose fat, gain muscle, and have more muscle definition. This exercise can be done with dumbbells, and the person must hold the weight and raise it laterally to shoulder height.

6. Row

Rowing is an exercise that can be performed on the equipment, on the bar or with a dumbbell, in which case it is unilateral. Regardless of the weight used, the goal is to bring it close to the chest when performing arm flexion. Thus, the stroke is able to activate the muscles of the back and shoulders, in addition to the abdomen, which must be contracted for the movement to be performed correctly.

How should the food be

Food is essential in the fat loss process, and it is important that it is indicated by a nutritionist according to the person’s objective and nutritional needs. To promote fat burning, it is important to reduce the consumption of carbohydrates, such as bread and pasta, and avoid fried foods, with a lot of fat and a lot of sugar, such as soft drinks, stuffed cookies, and cake.

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