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6 tips for not giving up on the gym

In the first days of the gym it is normal that there is enough animation and commitment to stay active and reach the goals, however over time it is common that many people end up discouraged mainly because the results take time to appear. However, it is necessary to keep in mind that the results are not immediate and that to maintain the results achieved it is necessary to continue to practice physical activity and maintain an adequate and healthy diet.

Attending the gym is a good way to lose weight, burn localized fat and lose belly, as well as being a way to relax and promote a feeling of well-being, especially when you go to the gym or practice physical activities regular.

Check out some tips to keep yourself stimulated and excited to go to the gym:

1. Be aware

It is important to be aware that the results do not appear overnight and that they happen due to a combination of factors, such as regular physical activity, preferably accompanied by a professional who indicates the best exercises and according to the objective, and balanced feeding.

There is no point in going to the gym, sweating a lot for three hours a day, every day and thinking that the results will come, on the contrary, the practice of physical exercises without guidance can result in injury, taking you away from the gym for weeks, which it can mean “go back to square one”.

It is also ideal to be aware that, even if you have already reached the desired weight, physical activities and the correct diet continue so that the results can be long-lasting and so that physical conditioning and quality of life can be improved.

2. Set goals

When setting goals, it is possible to remain more focused, so that the goals can be reached more easily and without sacrifices, in addition to being more regular in relation to going to the gym. The ideal is that initially, goals are simpler and easier to achieve and, as time goes by, establish goals that are more difficult to achieve, as this way it is possible to avoid frustration and ensure greater frequency in training.

For example, if the goal is to lose 5 kg, set a goal to lose 1 to 2 kg in a month and not 5 kg at once, as it is an easier and more realistic goal to achieve, giving strength and incentive to continue to lose the remaining weight until reaching the goal.

After reaching the first goal, you can create another one, so that the practice of physical activity becomes routine. It is important to communicate to the nutritionist and the physical education professional the goals so that the diet and the type of training can be indicated according to the stipulated objective.

3. Make the gym more fun

One of the reasons that can make you give up on the gym is the fact that you always do the same type of training, which can often cause the practice of physical activity in the gym to be associated with something monotonous. Thus, it is important to vary the exercises performed, as in addition to making the practice less monotonous, it helps to work different muscles.

In addition, it may be interesting to give preference to group classes, as during classes it is possible to have contact with other people, which also helps to increase motivation.

Another option to make going to the gym more fun is to listen to the songs you like most during training, as this makes the body respond positively to the exercise, and it is also possible to move and exercise to the rhythm of the music, at the same time. listening to it, promoting a feeling of pleasure and well-being.

4. Write down all achievements

Writing down all the achievements that have been achieved since you started going to the gym is a great tip to gain motivation and continue training without giving up, as it is proof that the exercises and training are helping to achieve the goals and that if progress is being made.

Thus, one can write on a cell phone or on a paper, on a regular basis, the achievements obtained over time, either loss or weight gain, evolution in the amount of repetitions of the abdominal or increase in the distance of the run, and leave these notes visible , because it is possible to stay motivated. In addition, if the goal is aesthetic, you can also take pictures after a week of training and compare the results.

5. Train with friends

Inviting friends, neighbors or co-workers to attend the same gym helps to maintain the commitment to physical activity, in addition to making workouts more fun and enjoyable, as it seems that time passes faster.

In addition, when training with people you know, it is easier to be more willing, as one ends up motivating the other to reach the goal.

6. Keep in mind the benefits

One of the ways to not give up on the gym is to train thinking that the gym is good for your health and losing weight is just one of the benefits. The intestine improves, the skin is cleaner, the lung increases cerebral oxygenation, improving concentration and memory, the heart strengthens, the bones benefit from muscle strengthening, and the disposition increases. See what the benefits of physical activity are.

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