7 Attitudes that won’t let you lose weight

Some diets may not work because of easy mistakes to correct, which are made without realizing it, such as going too long without eating or sleeping little, making it more difficult to lose weight.

Therefore, to lose weight quickly on a diet it is necessary to avoid certain habits as much as possible, such as:

1. Not eating for a long time

Spending more than 3 hours without eating can lower blood glucose levels, increasing hunger and making it harder to resist sweets and snacks.

2. Continue taking diet soda

Despite having fewer calories, soft drinks diets are indicated for diabetics and not for weight loss diets. Soft drinks have no nutrients and have artificial sweeteners that make it difficult to lose weight, in addition to being sweet and increasing thirst, making you drink even more soda.

3. Sleep a lot or sleep little

Sleeping more than 8 hours a night slows down metabolism and affects ghrelin and cortisol, making the body more difficult to eliminate accumulated fat and when you are tired it becomes more difficult to follow the diet. The ideal is to sleep 7 to 8 hours, because sleeping less also alters

4. Lack of time to exercise

The solution is to walk every day to work or school, for at least 1 block, and take the stairs instead of the elevator. Simple measures like these move the body, helping to combat accumulated fat.

5. Think only about the price of food

Often salty snacks and sandwiches are cheaper than a healthy dish, but when considering what you can choose in a mall, for example, you must take into account the amount of nutrients and fat that snack has. It is also good to remember that you will gain weight by eating like this and then you will have to enroll in a gym to lose weight and this can be more expensive, after all.

6. Eat even without hunger

As delicious as food is, it is possible to have other sources of joy that do not involve food. Exercising and playing with friends release endorphins into the bloodstream, bringing joy and well-being without adding calories. In addition, it is also important to know the foods that do not give you a feeling of satiety, so see: 10 Foods that make you hungry quickly.

7. Go out with friends just to eat

A good strategy to have fun with friends is instead of going to a restaurant or bar, where there are usually no healthy snacks, is to go rollerblading, cycling or participating in card games, which involve movement, such as Image and Action , Uno or participate in group games, like Football or Paintball, for example.

To lose weight for good it is important to re-educate food and educate the mind. It is not enough to just eat a diet for a certain period of time and then return to the old eating habits, the new habits must be adopted throughout life, for a healthy life.

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