7 common habits that make dandruff worse

Some common habits such as washing your hair with hot water or applying conditioner to the root of the hair contribute to worsening the condition of dandruff because they stimulate the production of oil and sebum in the scalp. 

When there is excess of this oiliness, the scalp becomes inflamed and favors the development of fungi, causing a white flaking, which is called dandruff.

Dandruff is characterized by an excess of flaking that occurs mainly on the scalp, usually due to excess oil, but which can also reach the beard and eyebrows, causing symptoms such as itching, redness and inflammation.

The following are 7 very common habits to avoid if you suffer from dandruff:

1. Wash your hair with very hot water

The hot water dries out the scalp, causing the body to produce more oil to protect the skin, which worsens dandruff.

To avoid this problem, you should use warm or cold water when washing your hair, and end the shower with a shower of cold water on your head, as this will decrease sebum production.

2. Use any dandruff shampoo

Many anti-dandruff shampoos leave the scalp very dry and end up stimulating oil production, making the problem worse.

To make a good choice, one should look for products that contain zinc pyrithione, tar, selenium sulfate or salicylic acid, and for the most severe cases, products that contain antifungals, such as cyclopyrox or ketoconazole.

See a list of the best shampoos to fight dandruff .

3. Apply conditioner on the scalp

Letting the conditioner touch the scalp stimulates the production of sebum and oil, worsening dandruff. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful to pass the conditioner only from the ends to the middle of the hair, being able to rise a little more in the case of curly hair, but always avoiding reaching the root of the strands.

4. Wear a cap or hat

Wearing a cap, hat, tiaras and other objects on the head leaves the scalp stuffy, especially if the hair is wet or sweaty, stimulating the proliferation of the fungus that worsens dandruff.

Thus, one should avoid using accessories that do not let the scalp breathe, in addition to avoid trapping hair that is still wet, because the faster the hair dries, the less it will stimulate dandruff growth.

5. Use a lot of chemicals

Putting chemicals on the hair, such as dyes, straightening and perms, irritates and inflames the scalp, it can also cause allergies and skin peeling, and all of this worsens dandruff.

So, anyone who suffers from this problem should avoid doing beauty treatments that reach the scalp and cause irritation.

6. Excess fat in the diet

Excessive consumption of foods rich in fat and sugar, such as red meats, processed foods, sweets and stuffed cookies, as they stimulate the production of oil.

To help with the control, it is necessary to increase the consumption of water, drinking at least 2 liters of liquid per day, consuming more whole foods, vegetables and at least 3 units of fruit per day. Learn more about what food should be like to stop dandruff .

7. Wash your hair a little

Washing hair only once or twice a week makes the scalp stay in contact with accumulated oil for a long time, which favors the proliferation of dandruff fungus.

So it is important to wash your hair whenever it is oily, even if daily washes are needed to keep the strands clean.

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