7 simple tips to help your child sleep faster

Some children have trouble sleeping and end up leaving their parents even more exhausted after a day at work, but there are some tactics that can help a child fall asleep earlier.

The best strategy is to observe the child and try to identify why he cannot fall asleep alone. She may be agitated, restless, afraid or simply wanting to spend some extra time with her parents, so she struggles with sleep.

Some tips that can help your child sleep faster are:

1. Always sleep in the same place and at the same time 

Children need sleeping habits and the fact that she always sleeps in the same room at the same time makes her feel safer and fall asleep more quickly.

2. Avoid too many stimuli before bed

About 2 hours before bed, you should turn off the TV, stop running around the house and maintain a calm and peaceful environment. If the neighborhood is very noisy, it may be a good idea to try to soundproof the windows so that there is less stimulus inside the room. In addition, putting a radio on with calm music can help you relax, making sleep easier.

3. End fears

When the child is afraid of the dark, you can leave a small night light in the room or leave the light on in another room and leave the child’s bedroom door ajar so that the room is a little brighter. If the child is afraid of ‘monsters’, the parents can take an imaginary sword and put an end to the monsters in front of the child, but without paying excessive attention to this situation.

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4. Spending time with the child

Some children miss their parents and ‘curl up’ to sleep because they want to spend more time with them. What you can do, in this case, is to dedicate some time that is only to give attention to the child, even if it is only 10 minutes a day. During this time, it is important to look into the eyes, say that you love her and do something you like, like drawing, for example.

5. Do not lie on a full stomach

When the child has a very full tummy, he becomes more restless and does not know how to express what he is feeling and this can make sleep difficult. Before putting your child to bed, it is important to check that he is not hungry or with a very full belly. One way to solve this problem is to have dinner about 2 hours before bedtime.

6. Teach the child to fall asleep alone

Teaching the child to fall asleep alone is important because it is possible for the child to wake up at night and go to the parents’ room. A good tip is to stay just a little bit in the room with the child, while he calms down and leave the room when he realizes that he is almost asleep. A kiss from good night and one until tomorrow, can help in the farewell.

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7. Sing a lullaby before bed

Some lullabies are frightening and are therefore not always recommended, but the habit of singing a calm song helps the child to realize that it is time to sleep. A good idea is to make a personalized song, letting your imagination run wild.

Following these tips daily makes this ritual a habit, and it helps the child to calm down, facilitating sleep. However, when this is not enough, parents can experiment with aromatherapy by placing 2 drops of lavender essential oil on the child’s pillow and giving a little bit of passion fruit juice before bed. These homemade remedies have sedative properties that help you relax and are useful to facilitate sleep.

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