7 tips for dieting don’t fail

So that the diet doesn’t fail and you can lose everything you want quickly, in addition to following the diet: 

  1. Choose a suitable stage of life and when it is possible to diet, for example after a vacation or party;
  2. Make a diet that you can stick to,  balanced and adapted to your lifestyle, to facilitate this task you should consult a nutritionist;
  3. Start doing an activity that gives pleasure, such as drawing, painting or dancing, for example;
  4. Don’t ruin your diet on a party day. So even when going out with friends, give preference to grilled dishes, avoiding sauces or not overdoing dessert, for example. 
  5. Schedule your week. Having the meals organized and the places where they will be consumed chosen, when there is a schedule it is easier to stick to the diet; Don’t miss ingredients;
  6. Do not spend many hours without eating , because with hunger it is difficult to resist “temptations” the tendency is to eat sweet foods;
  7. Don’t shop hungry. Going to the supermarket hungry, in addition to making you sad for remembering the foods you like and shouldn’t eat, can also make you spend more money. 

One of the main reasons why the diet doesn’t work is not choosing the right time to do the diet, so if you’re in a depressed, very euphoric, stressful phase or if you’ve stopped smoking it’s better to wait a week or two to submit to restrictions food.  

In addition, the diet may also not work due to hormonal problems that make it difficult to lose weight, so if you are not able to lose weight, it is important to have blood tests to check if the hormones are working properly or if there is a health problem that is preventing weight loss.

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