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7 tips to help your child or teenager lose weight

To help your child lose weight, it is important to reduce the amount of sweets and fat in their food and, at the same time, increase the amount of daily fruits and vegetables. Children lose more weight when parents and siblings get involved and eat healthier too.

Parents, then, when assuming a healthier lifestyle, avoid frying food or buying industrialized products, such as ice cream, sausages, snacks or ready meals. 

However, a child only needs to lose weight if he has a weight above the recommended for his age, height and stage of development and it is not advisable to go on diets or give medicines to children without the advice of a doctor or nutritionist.

The 7 simple tips to help children lose weight are:

1. Every family needs to eat well

The motto should be if the child or adolescent needs to lose weight, then everyone inside the home should adopt the same diet because it is easier to follow the diet.

2. Do not make separate food for the child

As everyone inside the house needs to eat well, it is not because the child or adolescent is fatter than the parents or sibling can eat a lasagna in front of him, while he eats salad. Therefore, everyone needs to eat the same and stimulate each other.

3. Set an example by eating healthy foods

Older people are the source of inspiration for younger people, so parents and siblings, uncles and grandparents also need to collaborate by consuming fruits, vegetables and salads daily, avoiding fast food, fatty foods, fried foods and stuffed cookies.

4. Not having high calorie foods at home

Since no one can eat foods high in fat and sugar, the best strategy is to always have very healthy foods in the fridge and in the cupboards because it is easier to not fall into temptation.

5. Make most meals at home

Eating outside the home can be a problem, because usually in shopping malls it is easier to find fast food and foods that do not contribute to the diet, so the ideal is that most meals are prepared at home, with healthy and nutritious ingredients.

6. Do not fry at home, prefer boiled or grilled

To cook food well, with less fat, the ideal is that it be cooked or grilled. The fries must be left out and must be eliminated.

7. Doing family outdoor activities

The regular practice of physical exercises that the child likes, such as riding a bicycle, playing football or playing in the pool, should be repeated regularly, together with all or some family member, so that the child is motivated and does not give up losing weight

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