5 tips to improve gym results

To improve the results of the gym, whether the goal is to lose weight or gain muscle mass, it is important to be motivated to achieve the goal and understand that the process is slow and gradual. In addition, it is important to pay attention to food, stay hydrated and not miss training, in addition to doing it with intensity or according to the instructor’s guidance.

Training in the gym can be quite demanding, so it is very important to ensure that you have all the energy sources necessary to carry out the training until the end, ensuring a good recovery. In addition, it is important to change the training routine regularly and avoid training the same muscle group on consecutive days.

5 tips for better results at the gym

Some simple tips that help to improve the results of the gym and achieve the goals more easily are:

1. Pay attention to food

Pre- and post-workout nutrition is not important for muscle gain and mass and for weight loss, as it provides the necessary energy to perform physical exercise and promote easier muscle recovery, in addition to promoting lean mass gain.

Therefore, the recommendation is that the pre-workout diet is composed of carbohydrate sources so that the necessary energy is provided to carry out the training, while the post-workout diet should contain foods rich in protein to favor the process of muscle recovery, in addition to stimulating muscle gain. Know the foods to gain muscle mass.

It is important that the diet is indicated by a nutritionist, so that the foods and their amounts are recommended according to the person’s objective. In this way, it is possible to achieve the goals more easily and improve the results at the gym. Here are some options for what to eat before and after training.

2. Stay hydrated

Hydration is essential to keep the body functioning and stimulate the appearance of results. It is recommended that the person drink water during and after training to hydrate the body, recover the amount of water lost during training and increase muscle endurance, avoiding injuries such as contractures or muscle breaks.

In addition, in the case of very intense workouts or performed outdoors in a very hot environment, it may be interesting to drink an isotonic drink to replenish the minerals lost during physical activity more quickly. An energy drink made with honey and lemon is also an option to maintain energy during training. Here’s how to prepare by watching the following video:

3. Change the training routine

It is important that the training is changed after a few weeks according to the person’s evolution and with the instructor’s guidance to prevent the muscle from adapting to the stimulus to which it is submitted, which interferes with the results. Thus, when changing the training routine, it is possible to stimulate the muscles and promote greater energy expenditure and stimulate the muscle fibers, in order to favor the gain of muscle mass.

4. Gradually increase to load

The gradual increase in the load used in the exercises must be done under the guidance of the instructor and aims to avoid muscle adaptation. When the load is increased, it is possible to make the muscles have to spend more energy to perform the exercise, promoting their growth.

5. Avoid training the same muscle group on consecutive days

It is important to rest your muscles in order to achieve the desired result. Thus, if the training of the day was for the upper limbs, it is recommended that the training for the next day be for the lower limbs, because that way it is possible to make the muscles recover and avoid injuries and overload.

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