8 Tips to Stop Smoking

To stop smoking it is important that the decision was made on your own initiative, because this way the process becomes a little easier, since leaving an addiction is a difficult task, especially at a psychological level. Therefore, in addition to making the decision to quit smoking, it is important that the person has the support of family and friends and adopts some strategies that help to reduce the desire to smoke.

It is also important to identify when the urge to smoke arose because that way it is possible to replace the act of smoking with something else, such as doing physical activity or eating something, for example. In addition to the support of family and friends, it can also be interesting to have a psychologist accompanying you, as it is also a way of working on addiction and making the process of quitting smoking more natural.

So, some tips to quit smoking include:

1. Set a time to stop smoking

It is essential to set a date or a period to completely stop smoking, within an interval of no more than 30 days after you have thought about quitting.

For example, on 1 May you can plan and visualize new life without smoking and determine the last possible day to quit smoking, such as 30 May, or define a meaningful day, like finishing a course, having a new job or finishing a pack, for example becomes more motivating and easier to start.

2. Remove cigarette-related objects

To quit smoking, you must start by removing all objects related to cigarettes from home and work, such as ashtrays, lighters or old cigarette packs. Thus it is possible that there are stimuli for smoking.

3. Avoid the smell

Another important tip is to avoid the smell of cigarettes and, therefore, you should wash your clothes, curtains, sheets, towels and any other object that may smell like cigarettes. In addition, avoiding places where you are smoking is also advisable due to the smell of the smoke.

4. Eating when you feel like smoking

When the urge to smoke arises, a strategy is to eat sugar-free gum, for example, to keep your mouth occupied and reduce the need to light a cigarette. However, it is common for people to gain weight when they stop smoking, because they often substitute cigarettes for more fatty and sugar-rich foods, facilitating weight gain. In addition, the aromas of the food become stronger and more pleasant, which increases the appetite and ends up making the person eat more.

Therefore, when the urge to smoke appears, it is recommended that the person avoid eating very sugary foods, because in addition to facilitating weight gain it also increases the urge to smoke, give preference to citrus juices, eat fruit or vegetable sticks to eat throughout the day and eat every 3 hours, giving preference to healthy snacks. It is also important to practice physical activities, because in addition to promoting health, they help reduce the desire to smoke.

5. Do other pleasurable activities

When the urge to smoke comes, it is important that the person is distracted, doing activities that give him pleasure and replace the feeling of loss, for example, walking outdoors, going on the beach or garden. In addition, you should do an activity that takes time and hands daily, such as crochet, gardening, painting or exercising, are great options.

6. Involve family and friends

To quit smoking, the process is easier and less costly when family and close friends are involved in the process and help, respecting the characteristic symptoms of withdrawal, such as irritability, anxiety, depression, restlessness, physical malaise, headaches. head and sleep disorders, for example.

7. Do psychotherapy

Contact with a psychologist or psychiatrist can also help in the process of stopping smoking, especially during withdrawal crises. This is because the professional will help to identify what makes the desire increase and, thus, indicate ways to relieve the desire to smoke.

In some cases, the psychiatrist may recommend the use of some medicines that help the body to adapt and to detoxify from cigarette addiction. See what are the remedies to stop smoking.

8. Doing acupuncture

Acupuncture is an alternative therapy that can also help to reduce cigarette addiction because it helps to combat anxiety and reduce withdrawal symptoms. In addition, acupuncture promotes the release of endorphins and serotonin, promoting a feeling of pleasure and well-being. Understand how acupuncture is done.

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