How is the pregnancy after the Tummy Tuck

Abdominoplasty can be performed before or after pregnancy, but after surgery you have to wait about 1 year to get pregnant, and it does not pose any risk to the development or health of the baby during pregnancy.

In abdominoplasty, the plastic surgeon removes fat and excess skin located between the navel and the pelvic area and sews the rectus abdominis muscle so that the abdomen is firmer, even if there is a new accumulation of fat. Abdominoplasty is usually performed together with liposuction so that the accumulated fat in the stomach area and on the sides of the body can be removed. Abdominal rectum removed in a normal pregnancyClosest abdominal rectum in pregnancy after tummy tuck

Main differences in pregnancy after abdominoplasty

Pregnancy after abdominoplasty has some differences such as:

  • The belly grows less , but this does not interfere with the baby’s growth;
  • It is common for a woman to feel her aching belly as if she had done many abdominal exercises;
  • The risk of stretch marks is greater but the skin continues to stretch normally but it is necessary to constantly moisturize the skin so that the skin does not break, creating stretch marks. See how to make an  excellent stretch mark cream that can be made at home and is super moisturizing.
  • Childbirth can be normal or cesarean , and the cesarean section does not interfere with plastic surgery at all;
  • As the woman has less fat in her belly, she will be able to feel the baby more intensely , early on.

The fact of having performed an abdominoplasty does not prevent a new pregnancy, as it does not alter the functioning of the reproductive organs and the skin, however stretched it is, also has the ability to stretch further. 

Does the belly return to normal after pregnancy?

If weight gain during pregnancy is adequate, between 9 and 11 kg, the appearance of the belly can be very close to what it was before becoming pregnant. However, abdominoplasty does not prevent the appearance of stretch marks, and in addition, the accumulation of fat can increase abdominal volume, compromising the result of plastic surgery on the abdomen done before pregnancy.

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