Remedies that can cause abortion

Some drugs like Arthrotec, Lipitor and Isotretinoin are contraindicated during pregnancy because they have teratogenic effects that can lead to miscarriage or cause serious changes in the baby.

Misoprostol, sold commercially as Cytotec or Cytotec, is the medicine used by doctors in hospitals when abortion is allowed. This medicine cannot be sold in pharmacies, being restricted only to hospitals.

Remedies that can cause miscarriage

The remedies that can also cause abortion or fetal malformations and therefore cannot be used during pregnancy are:

Arthrotec Prostokos Mifepristona
isotretinoin Lipitor Radioactive iodine
High doses of Aspirin RU-486 Cytotec

Other drugs that are potentially abortive and that can only be used under medical advice when their benefits outweigh the risk of miscarriage are Amitriptyline, Phenobarbital, Valproate, Cortisone, Methadone, Doxorubicin, Enalapril and others that are at risk D or X indicated in the package insert. of such drugs. See the symptoms that may indicate an abortion .

In addition, some plants, such as Aloe Vera, Guaco and Hera, which can be used as home and natural remedies to treat some diseases should not be used during pregnancy as they can also cause abortion or changes in the baby’s development. Check a list of plants with abortive properties.

When abortion is allowed

The abortion allowed in Brazil must be performed by the doctor inside a Hospital, when one of the following conditions is present:

  • Pregnancy due to sexual violation;
  • Pregnancy puts the life of the mother or
  • When the fetus has a fetal malformation incompatible with life after birth, such as anencephaly.

Thus, for women to resort to abortion for any of these situations, it is necessary to present medical documents that prove such situations, such as a report from the legal medical institute, police report, judicial authorization and approval by the health commission.

A genetic change in the fetus such as anencephaly, which is when the baby’s brain did not form, can lead to legal abortion in Brazil, but microcephaly, which is when the baby’s brain has not fully developed, does not allow abortion because in the latter case the child can survive outside the womb, even if it needs help to develop.

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