Physical and psychological complications of abortion

Abortion in Brazil can be performed in case of pregnancy caused by sexual abuse, when pregnancy puts the woman’s life at risk, or when the fetus has anencephaly and in the latter case the woman needs to turn to lawyers to perform the abortion with medical consent .

In case of spontaneous abortion, which was not intended by the woman, there are usually no worrying consequences for physical health, however, it is necessary to have an evaluation by the obstetrician to identify foci of bleeding, infections, malformations, in addition to ensuring cleanliness uterus from remains of an incomplete abortion. Understand  when curettage is needed and how it is done . 

However, abortion performed in an induced and illegal manner, especially when not performed in appropriate clinics, exposes women to even more serious risks, such as inflammation in the uterus, infections or even irreversible damage to the reproductive system, leading to sterility. 

In addition, after a induced abortion, the woman develops the Post Abortion Syndrome which includes psychological changes that lead to feelings of guilt, anguish and anxiety, which induce depression, self-punishing behaviors, eating disorders or alcoholism, requiring psychiatric monitoring to improve the quality of life.

Physical and psychological consequences of abortion

There are numerous complications that can affect the woman who induces an abortion, and some physical changes are:

  • Perforation of the uterus;
  • Retention of remnants of the placenta that can lead to uterine infection. Learn how to identify and treat retained placental remains in the uterus ;
  • Tetanus – For using contaminated sharp objects;
  • Sterility – For causing irreversible damage to the woman’s reproductive system;
  • Inflammation in the tubes and uterus that can spread throughout the body, putting the woman’s life at risk. Check out how to identify and treat inflammation in the tubes ;
  • Guilt with crises of regret that can arise whenever you remember the act;
  • Changes in mood, depression. Know the signs that can indicate a depression ;
  • Fear and nightmares can happen in the first few weeks.

This list of complications tends to increase with the time of pregnancy because the more developed the baby is, the worse the consequences will be for the woman.

The physical risks of abortion occur especially in women who have an illegal abortion.

How to deal with unwanted pregnancy

An unwanted pregnancy can cause fear, anguish and anxiety in women and therefore psychological support is essential at this time. Choosing an abortion simply because the baby was not planned or desired is discouraged because there are many risks involved and the physical and emotional consequences can compromise the woman’s life.

To avoid this situation the ideal is not to run the risk of an unwanted pregnancy, using all possible methods to not get pregnant, but when this is no longer possible because the woman is already pregnant she should strive to lead a healthy pregnancy, since it is responsible for the life it carries within it.

The support of family and friends can be useful to accept the pregnancy with all the difficulties that it may present. Ultimately, delivering the baby for adoption is a possibility that could be studied.

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