Acarsan soap to fight ringworm, lice, and nits

Acarsan is an antibacterial soap that has benzyl benzoate as its active substance.

This topical drug is indicated for the treatment of skin infections such as scabies and pediculosis. The action of this medicine weakens the bacteria and fungi that end up eliminated from the body, quickly decreasing the symptoms such as itching, irritation and redness that are characteristic of these skin diseases.

Indications of Acarsan

Scabies; ringworm; pediculosis.

Modo de uso do Acarsan

Apply the soap over the affected area, rubbing it lightly and then wash the area with plenty of water. The procedure must be repeated 3 times a day.

Acarsan Price

The 100 mg Acarsan soap costs approximately 13 reais.

Side effects of Acarsan

Burning; irritation of eyes, mucous membranes and skin; itch; redness; swelling of mucous membranes, mouth, eyes and throat; agitation; convulsion.

Contraindications for Acarsan

Pregnant or lactating women; patients with skin wounds; Hipersensibility to any of the formula’s components.

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