Understand why you can’t drink alcohol during pregnancy

The consumption of alcohol during pregnancy is contraindicated, because when passing through the placenta, alcohol has to be metabolized by the baby’s liver, remaining in your body for some time and may cause:

  • Malformations and mental retardation;
  • Changes in the face and decrease in the size of the skull;
  • Development and growth retardation;
  • Increased risk of miscarriage;
  • Heart problems;
  • Increased risk of baby being born prematurely and underweight.

Another consequence of alcohol intake during pregnancy is the fetal alcohol syndrome , which is characterized by growth retardation of the baby inside the uterus and after birth, speech and reasoning problems, decreased motor coordination and heart problems. Find out more about this syndrome at: Fetal alcoholism syndrome .

Amount of alcohol in pregnancy

There is no scientific evidence on the safe amount of alcoholic beverages consumed by the mother, therefore, alcohol is completely discouraged during pregnancy. Thus, a good tip for not consuming alcoholic beverages in pregnancy is to give preference to non-alcoholic beers or cocktails, as well as to natural juices or water.

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