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Aminexil remedy for hair loss

Aminexil is a topical remedy for male hair loss, which strengthens the fixation of the hair root to the scalp and also favors the reconstruction of the hair fiber.

Aminexil is marketed by the brands Loreal, Vichy or Kérastase and can be purchased in conventional pharmacies and in some supermarkets.

Aminexil price

The price of Aminexil varies between 30 and 180 reais, depending on the dosage of the formula and the commercial brand.

Indications of Aminexil

Aminexil is indicated for the treatment of hair loss in men

Modo de uso do Aminexil

The method of use of Aminexil consists of the application of 1 ampoule per day, for a more intensive treatment, or 3 times a week for a maintenance treatment, for 6 weeks. The product should be applied after washing and drying the hair.

Side effects of Aminexil

The main side effect of Aminexil is the appearance of irritations on the scalp.

Contraindicações do Aminexil

No contraindications for Aminexil are described.

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