How Loceryl Nail Polish Works

Loceryl Enamel is a medication that has amorolfine hydrochloride in its composition, indicated for the treatment of nail mycoses, also known as onychomycosis, which are infections of the nails, caused by fungi. This treatment should be carried out until the symptoms disappear, which can take about 6 months for fingernails and 9 to 12 months for toenails.

This product can be purchased in pharmacies for a price of about 93 reais, without the need for a prescription.

How to use

The enamel should be applied to the affected nail of the hands or feet, once or twice a week, and the following steps should be taken:

  1. Sand the affected area of ​​the nail, as deeply as possible, with the help of sandpaper, and should be discarded at the end;
  2. Clean the nail with a compress soaked in isopropyl alcohol or nail polish remover, in order to remove the nail polish from the previous application;
  3. Apply the enamel, with the help of a spatula, over the entire affected nail surface;
  4. Allow to dry for about 3 to 5 minutes. Before allowing the product to dry, the bottle must be closed immediately;
  5. Clean the spatula with the pad soaked again as in point 2., so that it can be used again;
  6. Discard sandpaper and compresses.

The duration of treatment depends on the severity, location and speed of growth of the nail, which can be about 6 months for fingernails and 9 to 12 months for toenails. Learn to identify the symptoms of nail ringworm .

Who should not use

Loceryl should not be used by people who are allergic to any of the components in the formula. In addition, it should also not be used in pregnant or lactating women without medical advice.

Possible side effects

Although it is rare, treatment with Loceryl can leave the nails weaker and brittle or with changes in color, however, these symptoms can be caused by ringworm and not by the medication.

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