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Anti-inflammatory Food Fights Diseases and Helps Weight Loss

The anti-inflammatory diet improves wound healing, helps to fight and prevent diseases such as cancer, arthritis and cardiovascular diseases, and favors weight loss, as the foods in this diet are rich in fiber and low in fats and sugars, which increases weight loss.

An anti-inflammatory diet should be rich in foods that fight inflammation, such as flaxseed, avocado, tuna and nuts, for example. In addition, it is also important to avoid foods that increase inflammation, such as fried foods and red meats.

Foods that fight inflammation

In anti-inflammatory food, you should increase your intake of foods that fight inflammation, such as:

  • Aromatic herbs , such as garlic, onion, saffron and curry;
  • Fish rich in omega-3s, such as tuna, sardines and salmon;
  • Seeds, such as flaxseed, chia and sesame;
  • Citrus fruits, such as orange, acerola, guava, lemon, mandarin and pineapple;
  • Red fruits, such as pomegranate, watermelon, cherry, strawberry and grape;
  • Oil fruits, such as chestnuts and nuts;
  • Avocado;
  • Vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and ginger;
  • Oil and coconut and olive oil.

These foods are rich in antioxidants, fighting inflammation in the body, strengthening the immune system and preventing disease.

Foods that increase inflammation

In anti-inflammatory food, it is important to avoid the consumption of foods that favor the increase of inflammation, such as:

  • Fried foods ;
  • Sugar ;
  • Red meats , especially those rich in additives and fats, such as sausage, sausage, bacon, ham, salami and fast food ;
  • Refined cereals , such as wheat flour, white rice, pasta, bread and crackers;
  • Whole milk and derivatives ;
  • Sugary drinks such as soft drinks, boxed and powdered juices;
  • Alcoholic beverages ;
  • Others: industrial sauces and frozen food.

These foods should be avoided or eaten in small quantities, it is also important to prefer whole foods and increase the consumption of foods that fight inflammation.

Diseases caused by inflammation

Excessive inflammation in the body increases the risk of developing diseases such as Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, allergies, arthritis and obesity, as inflammation favors changes in the body’s cells and weakens the immune system, making it harder to fight disease.

Thus, it is essential to have an anti-inflammatory diet to strengthen the immune system and prevent these diseases or prevent them from getting worse. In addition, this type of food is also beneficial to complement the treatment of other problems such as Urethral Syndrome , which is an inflammation in the urethra.

See foods that are natural anti-inflammatories that fight sore throat, muscle pain and tendonitis.

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