12 aphrodisiac foods to spice up the relationship

Aphrodisiac foods, such as chocolate, pepper or cinnamon, have nutrients with stimulating properties and, therefore, increase the production of sex hormones and improve libido. In addition, this type of food is also capable of bringing a sense of well-being, causing the sexual appetite to be stimulated in both men and women.

Aphrodisiac foods can be eaten individually or added to regular meals, as they easily go unnoticed, as well as adding flavor and nutritional value to meals. See a complete menu with all aphrodisiac meals .

The main aphrodisiac foods include:

  1. Ginkgo biloba: ginkgo biloba extract improves blood circulation, stimulating the passage of blood to the penis;
  2. Catuaba: increases desire, decreases tiredness and tones muscles;
  3. Pepper: improves circulation, increases body temperature and speeds up heartbeat;
  4. Chocolate: produces hormones that give the body a feeling of pleasure and well-being;
  5. Saffron: makes the pelvis region more sensitive, increasing the sensation of pleasure;
  6. Ginger: increases blood flow to the genitals, stimulating desire;
  7. Ginseng: increases desire;
  8. Honey: stimulates the production of sex hormones, increasing desire;
  9. Strawberry: rich in vitamin C and potassium, improves circulation and is widely used together with chocolate as an aphrodisiac food;
  10. Cinnamon: tones the body, stimulates blood circulation and increases desire;
  11. Chestnuts, nuts and almonds: stimulate circulation and increase lubrication;
  12. Rosemary: stimulates and invigorates, and is also used to combat sexual impotence.

In order to feel its effects, foods with aphrodisiac properties must be consumed in greater quantities by those who want to stimulate sexual appetite, with no ideal quantity.

Menu to increase libido

The following table shows an example of a menu rich in aphrodisiac foods with meals that can be used to spice up the relationship and increase pleasure.

Meal Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
Breakfast 150 ml of coffee with 1 col of dessert coconut oil and cinnamon + 1 slice of bread with ricotta and 6 quail eggs 1 glass of plain yogurt + 1 col of honey + 2 col of granola Creamy smoothie from frozen strawberries + plain yogurt + 1 col of honey
Morning snack 1 sliced ​​apple + 1 col of honey + cinnamon, baked in the oven or microwave 1 sliced ​​banana sprinkled with cinnamon 2 kiwis + 10 cashew nuts
Lunch dinner Salmon with caper sauce + white rice and steamed vegetables Filet in wood sauce with chestnuts + boiled potatoes Roasted chicken legs with rosemary + sautéed vegetables with salt, oil and pepper
Afternoon snack 1 cup of yogurt with honey + 10 cashews or almonds Aphrodisiac juice with orange, ginger, guarana and kale 1 cup of cinnamon chocolate + 10 strawberries

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