Algeria – Know the Blue Man’s Disease

Algeria is a rare disease that causes the individual to have bluish or grayish skin due to the accumulation of silver salts in the body. In addition to the skin, the conjunctiva of the eyes and the internal organs also turn bluish.

Symptoms of Algeria

The main symptom of Algeria is the bluish color of the skin and mucous membranes permanently. This change in skin color can lead to depression and social withdrawal and there are no other related symptoms.

For the diagnosis of Algeria, one must observe the individual and check for the presence of silver salts in the body through biopsy of the skin and other organs such as the liver, for example.

Causes of Algeria

Algeria is caused by the excess of silver salts in the body, which can occur due to exposure to silver for long periods, inhalation or direct, prolonged and excessive contact with silver powder or silver compounds inappropriately.

Prolonged use of the medicine Argirol , a silver-based eye drop, can lead to Algeria as well as the consumption of colloidal silver, a food supplement formerly used to strengthen the immune system, however the amount of silver in the body that has not been clarified has not yet been clarified. generate the disease.

Treatment for Algeria

The treatment for Algeria consists of the end of the individual’s exposure to silver, laser therapy and the use of hydroquinone-based cream. The person with Algeria should receive treatment for the disease and avoid exposure to silver salts to avoid complications such as epilepsy, for example.

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