2-year-old baby development

From the age of 24 months, the child already realizes that he is someone and starts to have some notion of ownership, but does not know how to express his feelings, desires and interests.

This is the stage when the baby becomes difficult to control, with frequent moments of malnutrition when he says “this is mine” or “go away” and still does not have the sensitivity to share things. In addition, intelligence develops quickly and the child starts to recognize people more easily, knows the usefulness of objects and repeats expressions that parents usually speak.

2 year old baby weight

Weight12 a 12,2 kg11,8 a 12 kg
Height85 cm84 cm
Head size49 cm48 cm
Thorax perimeter50,5 cm49,5 cm
Monthly weight gain150 g150 g

2 year old baby sleep

At two, a baby usually needs about 11 hours of sleep at night and 2 hours of naps during the day.

It is common for him to still wake up scared at night, requiring his parents to stay by his side for a while, but without taking him to sleep in his parents’ bed, to avoid dependence on this habit. See 7 simple tips to help your child sleep faster .

2 year old baby development

At this stage, the child begins to learn to wait and use his own name to refer to himself, but the selfish stage of the personality makes him usually give orders to others, want everything in his own way, challenge his parents and hide your toys so as not to share them.

Among motor skills, she is already able to run, but without suddenly stopping, she is already able to walk in a straight line, on tiptoes or on her back, jump on both feet, go up and down stairs with the support of the handrail and to sit and get up quickly without help.

In addition, the baby at 2 years old masters about 50 to 100 words and starts to connect two words to ask or describe something, such as “baby wants” or “here ball”. The words are already spoken more clearly and he knows the name and the location of the objects in the house, being also able to recognize them when watching programs on television or at friends’ houses.

2 year old baby feeding

The baby’s teething must be complete between 2 ½ years and 3 years of age, when it should have a total of 20 baby teeth. At this stage, the child is already able to eat all kinds of food and the risk of developing food allergy is lower, and it is also the phase of removing the habit of the pacifier and bottle.

The ability to eat alone is improved, and the child can use a thick-toothed spoon or fork to avoid injury. In addition, it is important to avoid foods rich in fats and sugars, such as sweets, chocolates, ice cream and fried foods, and it is not recommended to add sugar to the juices.

To develop good eating behavior, one must vary the dishes and offer different types of food, avoiding making pleasures, fighting or threatening punishment at mealtime.

To take good care of your child’s food, see what  to not give the baby to eat until the age of 3 .


This is the ideal stage to teach the child to listen carefully to others, and you can use 3 games for this:

  1. Shake a glass with ice cubes and ask her to pay attention to the noise;
  2. Forcefully open and close a book, asking for attention to the sound it makes;
  3. Shake a bell while it pays attention.

After she hears the sounds, the 3 games must be repeated without the child seeing which object is used, so that she can guess what is causing the noise.

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