Baby feeding – 8 months

Yogurt and egg yolk can be added to the baby’s diet at the age of 8 months, in addition to the other foods already added.

However, these new foods cannot be given at the same time. It is necessary that the new foods are given to the baby one at a time so that it adapts to the taste, texture, and also to identify possible allergic reactions to these foods. Yogurt for an afternoon snack with a baked fruit or a cookie Replace the meat in the vegetable puree with the egg yolk

  1. Introduction of yogurt – when the baby is 8 months old, yogurt can be given to the afternoon snack by adding a cooked fruit or a biscuit. In this way, you can replace a bottle or a sweet flour meal.
  2. Introduction of egg yolk – one week after introducing yogurt into the baby’s diet, the yolk can be given in place of the meat in the vegetable puree. Start by boiling the egg and then breaking the yolk into four parts and adding a quarter of the yolk in the porridge the first time, then increasing it in half the second time and only then adding the complete yolk. Egg whites should not be introduced until the baby’s first full year, as it has great potential to produce allergies due to its composition.

Keeping the baby hydrated is essential for the correct functioning of the baby’s organs and especially to avoid constipation, at 8 months the baby should drink 800 ml of water that includes all the water contained in the food and pure water.

Baby feeding menu at 8 months

An example of an 8-month-old baby’s menu could be:

  • Breakfast (7:00 am) – Breast milk or 300 ml bottle
  • Colação (10h00) – 1 natural yogurt
  • Lunch (13h00) – Pumpkin, potato, and carrot porridge with chicken. 1 pureed pear.
  • Snack (16h00) – Breast milk or bottle 300 ml
  • Dinner (6:30 pm) – Banana, apple and orange porridge.
  • Supper (21h00) – Breast milk or bottle of 300 ml

The baby’s feeding times are not rigid, they can vary according to each baby, the most important thing is to never leave the baby more than 3 hours without feeding.

At 8 months the baby’s meals cannot exceed 250 g, as the baby at this age only has the capacity for that amount in his stomach.

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