7 precautions you should take before becoming pregnant

For the pregnancy to proceed in a healthy way, it is important that the couple consult a gynecologist, at least 3 months before becoming pregnant, so that he indicates what women and men should do to ensure a healthy pregnancy.

It is important to have tested before pregnancy, in addition to recommending some precautions, such as increasing the consumption of foods rich in folic acid or using supplementation for the healthy development of the baby.

Some of the precautions to be taken before becoming pregnant are:

1. Start taking folic acid

Folic acid is an important B vitamin to ensure the correct closure of the baby’s neural tube, which occurs in the first few weeks of pregnancy, when the woman often does not yet know she is pregnant.

Therefore, increasing the consumption of folate-rich foods, such as broccoli, boiled egg and black beans, for example, can help ensure a pregnancy with less risk for the baby. Know other foods rich in folic acid.

In addition, it is generally recommended to use a folic acid supplement, which should be started at least 3 months before stopping the contraceptive, to decrease the risk of neurological problems in the baby.

2. Do preconception exams

At least 3 months before attempting to conceive, a complete blood test, urine test, stool test and serological tests for cytomegalovirus, rubella, toxoplasmosis, syphilis, hepatitis B and AIDS should be performed. In addition, the woman must also have a pap smear and ultrasound to check her gynecological health. The man can also perform a spermogram to assess the efficiency and quantity of sperm.

If the prospective mother or father has a family history of genetic malformations or if the couple is closely related, as occurs when it comes to marriage between cousins, the couple must also undergo specific genetic tests. See other tests to get pregnant .

3. Avoid coffee and alcoholic beverages

Alcohol consumption is not recommended during pregnancy and, therefore, if a woman is trying to conceive, this can happen at any time, without her knowing it, and should therefore avoid drinking alcoholic beverages.

In addition, coffee intake should also be reduced, as it can affect a woman’s ability to absorb iron. The caffeine dose should therefore not exceed 200 mg.

4. Check the vaccines

Some vaccines are important to ensure a peaceful pregnancy, such as vaccines against rubella, chicken pox, hepatitis B and tetanus, so if the woman has not yet taken any of these vaccines, she should speak to the doctor.

Know which vaccines should and should not be taken during pregnancy .

5. Exercise regularly

Regular exercise promotes relaxation of the body and improves its functions, in addition to helping to maintain the ideal weight, which also contributes to a healthy and more peaceful pregnancy.

Exercises can continue to be carried out during pregnancy, however, women should avoid high impact ones like jumping, soccer or basketball games, for example, because falls can lead to abortion, and prefer safer exercises, such as walking, weight training, running, cycling and Pilates.

6. Give up smoking

Women who smoke should stop smoking even before they get pregnant, because the cigarette makes ovulation and implantation of the egg difficult, decreasing the chances of getting pregnant. In addition, it is advisable to start reducing some time in advance because, for some people, it can be very difficult to kick the habit and the ideal is for the woman to be able to stop before becoming pregnant.

7. Eat well

In addition to avoiding fats, sugars and processed foods, a good tip is to invest in healthy foods, such as fruits, vegetables, fibers and probiotics, which will provide the body with the necessary nutrients for a healthy pregnancy.

It is important to include foods rich in folic acid, as well as foods rich in vitamin E, such as broccoli, spinach, pear, tomato juice, salmon, pumpkin seeds, cabbage, eggs, blackberries, apples and carrots, for example, because help regulate hormonal production, facilitating conception.

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