10 health benefits of water aerobics

Water aerobics lose weight because it helps to increase metabolism and burns up to 500 calories per hour, depending on the intensity of the exercises and class time. Thus, an individual can lose up to 1 kg per month if he takes classes 3 times a week, but if he follows a balanced diet, but low in calories, he may lose even more weight.

Classes last an average of 50 to 60 minutes, with the height of the water close to the chest, in a pleasant temperature, around 32ÂșC, for example. This type of activity is suitable for people of all ages, being great to practice during pregnancy or in old age.

The main health benefits of water aerobics are:

1. Weight loss

Water aerobics helps with weight loss because it increases the body’s energy expenditure. To improve results, it is advisable to eat a balanced diet with low levels of calories. See a fast and healthy weight loss diet .

2. Improved circulation

This physical activity improves circulation due to increased muscle contraction and aerobic activity, and as a result, the heart works more effectively and blood circulation takes place more efficiently.

3. Improved breathing

Water aerobics also promotes healthy breathing, since people need to take deeper breaths when performing exercises. Find out what are the main causes of shortness of breath .

4. Strengthening the muscles

Water aerobics helps to strengthen muscles due to muscle contraction, improving flexibility and strength that is obtained by practicing this activity. Also learn how to strengthen bones and joints .

5. Strengthening of bones

Performing aqua aerobics exercises also helps to strengthen the bones, because it allows more calcium to enter the bones, even if it does not have as much impact, as in walking, for example.

6. Improved flexibility

This activity is also great for improving the flexibility of the body, due to the increased range of movement that is necessary to perform. Discover the health benefits of stretching .

7. Increased motor coordination

When rhythmic exercises are performed by moving contralateral arms and legs, it also contributes to increase the ability of motor coordination.

8. Preserving the joints

Water aerobics is an ideal activity for people who cannot overload their joints, being ideal for those who suffer from arthritis or arthrosis or are very overweight, for example.

9. Prevention of cardiovascular diseases

Water aerobics also helps to prevent cardiovascular diseases by decreasing heart rate and blood pressure, leading to better efficiency of the heart’s work.

10. Promotion of well-being

As this activity improves circulation, has no impact on the joints, causes little or no muscle pain after classes and even allows for socialization, it is great for the person to feel good and healthy.

To burn more calories and strengthen your muscles and joints even more, the movements performed during the water aerobics class must be strong and small swimming equipment such as floats can be used, for example, which can be used on the arms or legs.

Although the exercises are performed inside the pool, it is important to ensure good hydration of the body by drinking water, juice or tea just before and after class.

The best time to do water aerobics is when the sun is not too hot, as in the early morning and late afternoon, but in any case you need to protect yourself from the sun, using sunscreen, hair tied and, if possible, hat wide flap. For the woman, the most suitable clothing is the swimsuit that does not leave the place and allows greater control over the movements during class and for the man, a beach shorts or swim trunks is enough. 

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