5 incredible health benefits of slackline

Slackline is a sport in which a person needs to balance under a narrow, flexible ribbon that is tied a few inches from the floor. Thus, the main benefit of this sport is the improvement of balance, since it is not possible to stay on top of the tape without good balance.

However, there are many other benefits related to the practice of this sport, such as muscle development, posture correction or improved concentration and focus, for example.

In fact, the benefits of slackline have been recognized since ancient times, being practiced in the oldest cultures in Greece and, today, this sport has been practiced by an increasing number of people all over the world.

1. Improves balance

This is the most obvious benefit of using the slackline, because, as the tape used is narrow and flexible, it is very difficult to maintain balance without falling. Thus, this is a perfect sport to avoid the loss of balance that arises naturally with age and that increases the risk of falls that can cause serious injuries.

2. Increases body strength

To maintain the correct balance of the body on top of the slackline, the muscles of the entire body, especially those of the core and legs, need to be constantly contracted. In this way the muscle fibers are well stimulated and the different muscles in the body become stronger.

3. Correct posture

As it is necessary to keep the legs more stable than the upper body, it is possible to learn about the distribution of forces and weight of the body itself, which improves posture in daily life.

In addition, with improved balance and increased strength in the core and back muscles, it becomes easier to maintain spine alignment, reducing back and neck pain, for example.

4. Improves concentration, focus and memory

When stepping on the slackline tape, it starts to swing a lot and, therefore, it is necessary to maintain a lot of concentration to be able to stay on top and not fall. In this concentration exercise, the brain trains several of its capacities, being more efficient over time.

According to a study of people who regularly practice slackline, the relationship between sport and brain development is so strong that in addition to concentration, it is also possible to gain more memory and improve the ability to learn.

If you have this goal, here are some exercises you can do on each one to improve memory and concentration .

5. Promotes social interaction

Slackline is a very fun activity that can be done with friends, as it guarantees several hours of fun. In addition, the presence of friends allows you to exceed your own limits, which helps to create even stronger bonds of friendship.

Slackline price

The price of the slackline is approximately 100 reais, however the amount may vary according to the length and width of the ribbon, as well as the number of accessories included.

The equipment needed to do slackline can be purchased at any store that sells sporting goods.

Tips for beginners

For those who have never tried slackline, climbing on top of the tape can seem very scary and almost impossible, however, a few tips can help you quickly get the hang of it. Some of these tips are:

  • Do not look at your feet , instead keep your vision focused on a point in front of you and in line with your eyes and let your balance control your feet;
  • Keep your legs relaxed , because the more the muscles are contracted, the more the tape will move;
  • Keep your knees slightly bent , as it is easier to maintain balance that way;
  • Practice for at least 20 minutes , as this is the time needed for the brain to learn to coordinate all the functions necessary to walk on the slackline.

For those who are starting to practice this sport it is also recommended to keep the slackline tape just a few centimeters from the floor, as it is easier to control fear and there is less risk of injury, since falls are guaranteed.

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