6 benefits of sleeping naked

Sleeping is one of the most important daily activities for maintaining health, not only to restore energy levels, but also to regulate various bodily functions, such as eliminating toxins or reducing inflammation.

To get all these benefits, it is necessary to sleep long enough, which varies with age. See all the benefits and how many hours you should sleep .

However, most people sleep in pajamas, which can end up reducing the total amount of sleep benefits, as sleeping naked can also bring important benefits, such as:

1. Improve sleep quality

To sleep and rest well, the body needs to reduce its nuclear temperature by about half a degree and maintain it throughout the night. Sleeping without clothes facilitates this bodily function and, in this way, it is possible to spend more time sleeping in deeper phases of sleep, making you more restful.

This attitude is ideal especially in periods of more heat, that also helps the person to stay fresh, besides helping to fall asleep faster.

2. Stimulate calorie burning

Sleeping without clothes, in an environment with a lower temperature, activates brown fat, which is a good type of fat that helps the body to increase its temperature. When this type of fat is active, calorie burning increases during the day.

Although this fat burning is not enough to lose weight, it is an increase in calorie burning that can help dieters.

3. Fight diabetes

When brown fat is active, in addition to burning calories, the body also becomes more sensitive to insulin, which is the substance that helps to use sugar, preventing it from accumulating in the body. Thus, as the environment in which you sleep is cooler, it is easier to regulate blood sugar levels, preventing the onset of diabetes.

4. Reduce blood pressure

According to several studies, lying naked with another intimate person helps the body to produce more oxytocin hormone, due to skin-to-skin contact.

This hormone is able to keep blood pressure well regulated and, in addition to having a protective effect on the heart, it also strengthens the immune system and fights anxiety.

5. Prevent fungal infections

When sleeping naked, the skin can breathe better and, therefore, it is easier to avoid that some regions of the skin remain moist for a long time. Thus, without moisture, it is possible to prevent the excessive development of fungi and bacteria, which cause problems such as candidiasis in the intimate region, for example.

6. Improve the couple’s sex life

Sleeping naked with a partner can contribute to increased desire to have sex more often, which also helps to reduce stress and anxiety, as well as improving the couple’s relationship.

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