7 reasons to choose Polarized Sunglasses

Sunglasses are essential to protect vision on sunny days and even on cloudy days, because they avoid direct contact with UV rays, preventing the development of eye diseases in addition to providing greater visual comfort. 

For this reason, glasses should be worn by all people on sunny days, even by babies and children, when playing outdoors.

UVA rays are those that most affect the Earth’s surface and are therefore essential in a good sunglasses. However, the most suitable sunglasses to protect eye health is the one that has the 3 filters: UVA, UVB and UVC. Polarized glasses, on the other hand, provide comfort to the vision as they manage to organize the way the rays penetrate the eyes reducing a lot of glare. 

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Main benefits of using polarized sunglasses

The 7 health benefits of wearing polarized sunglasses are:

  1. Protect the eyes from the harmful effects of the sun , being a great complement to the sun protection used on the skin;
  2. Avoid premature aging and the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes and forehead;
  3. Decrease the risk of cataracts and other eye diseases;
  4. Greater visual comfort when walking outdoors;
  5. Decrease brightness and light;
  6. Improve the clarity of what you see;
  7. Decrease haze and increase color perception.

Although they are recommended for use in all situations, the polarized lens is especially suitable for use on the beach, for driving and playing water sports or in the snow, where the sun shines heavily causing greater discomfort in the eyes.

Importance of filters in sunglasses

Good quality sunglasses are more expensive, but usually contain special filters that prevent the passage of sunlight, protecting and guaranteeing eye health. See in the table below the importance of these 4 filters in sunglasses:

 What parts of the eye protects
UVBCornea and
PolarizedAll eye

In addition, the use of polarized lenses helps to prevent macular degeneration. 

There are several models on the market for all face types. Some can even be made to measure to the degree that the individual needs, and can replace the use of ordinary glasses on sunny days.

The cheapest and counterfeit sunglasses should not be purchased as we do not know if they protect the eyes from the sun, as they may not have the necessary filters, and can cause eye diseases, because the darker the lens, the greater the dilation of pupil and consequently greater exposure to harmful sunlight. However, the vast majority of brands sold in Brazil have good filters, with the exception of pirated sunglasses and sold on street vendors, for example. 

To ensure total sun protection, in addition to the use of sunscreen for the body and face, it is also recommended the daily use of a good sunglasses, with UVA, UVB and UVC filters or even sunglasses with a lens polarized.

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