All about of Benicar

Benicar is an antihypertensive medication that has Olmesartan as its active substance.

This medication for oral use is indicated for the treatment of individuals with high blood pressure, since it blocks the vasoconstrictor effects of an enzyme called angiotensin, stabilizing blood pressure.

Benicar indications


Benicar Price

The Benicar 40 mg box containing 10 tablets costs approximately 13 reais, the 20 mg medicine box containing 30 tablets costs approximately 37 reais.

Side effects of Benicar

Dizziness; back pain; bronchitis; diarrhea; Headache; elimination of blood in the urine; increased blood glucose; upper airway infection; sinusitis; rhinitis; pharyngitis; cold symptoms.

Contraindications for Benicar

Pregnancy risk D ; lactating women; History of angiodema; children under 18; Hipersensibility to any of the formula’s components.

How to use the Benicar

Oral use


  • Initially administer 20 mg once daily. Patients who need an additional reduction in blood pressure after 2 weeks of treatment should administer 40 mg once daily.

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