Biotin-rich foods

Biotin, also called vitamin H, B7 or B8, can be found mainly in animal organs, such as liver and kidneys, and in foods such as egg yolks, whole grains and nuts.

This vitamin performs important functions in the body such as preventing hair loss, maintaining the health of the skin, blood, and nervous system, in addition to promoting the absorption of other B vitamins in the intestine. See all your properties here.

Amount of biotin in food

The recommended daily dose of biotin for healthy adults is 30 μg per day, which can be taken from the biotin-rich foods shown in the table below.

Food (100 g)Biotin amountEnergy
Peanut101,4 μg577 calories
Hazelnut75 μg633 calories
Wheat bran44,4 μg310 calories
Almond43,6 μg640 calories
Oat bran35 μg246 calories
Chopped walnut18,3 μg705 calories
Boiled egg16,5 μg157.5 calories
Cashew nut13,7 μg556 calories
Cooked mushrooms8,5 μg18 calories

In addition to being present in the diet, this vitamin can also be produced by bacteria in the intestinal flora, which helps to maintain its proper levels in the body.

Symptoms of lack of biotin

Symptoms of a lack of biotin typically include hair loss, peeling and dry skin, sores in the corners of the mouth, swelling and pain on the tongue, dry eyes, loss of appetite, tiredness, and insomnia.

However, the lack of this vitamin is rare and usually only occurs in hospitalized people who do not eat properly, in patients with diabetes or undergoing hemodialysis, and in pregnant women.

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