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Learn Why You Shouldn’t Eat Canned Food

The consumption of canned foods can be harmful to your health because they have more sodium and preservatives to maintain the color, flavor and texture of foods and make them more like the natural. In addition, the mashed can itself contaminates the food due to the presence of heavy metals that are part of its composition.

All cans are coated internally with a type of ‘film’ that protects the can itself from contact with the food, so never buy crushed cans, because when this film breaks, toxins come into direct contact with the food.

These substances, despite being in small quantities, will not cause any damage to health in the short term, but they can contribute to the accumulation of toxins in the body, which makes even weight loss difficult. So the recommendation is not to consume canned food regularly and never to consume food whose can is crushed or damaged.

Canned foods are harmful to everyone’s health, but are especially contraindicated for people who suffer from high blood pressure or who need to reduce the consumption of salt and sodium in their diet. In addition, it facilitates fluid retention, making the person more swollen, making weight loss difficult.

However, those who need to eat outside the home may be consuming canned goods without knowing it, so the best strategy is not to cook with canned goods and whenever possible take your own meal to school or work because this will always be the healthiest option, so that you can know exactly what you’re eating.

Prefer the frozen

If you are running out of time and need easier strategies for cooking, try frozen foods because they are not preserved in water and therefore have less additives than canned foods.

However, the ideal is to always opt for the fresh food you buy at the market or at the fair. You can freeze these foods to make your daily life easier, ensuring better food quality for your family. Here’s how to freeze food properly so you don’t lose nutrients. 

Ready-to-eat meals that are sold frozen in the supermarket are also not a good option because they are also rich in fat, salt and sodium that are harmful to health. So the best way out is to freeze a meal that was prepared at home with fresh food.

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